Risa Hirako

See The Picture of The 45yr old Model That’s Stunning Everyone On The Internet

Risa Hirako
Risa Hirako

It is a known fact that models, celebrities and those in the entertainment business make very conscious efforts to look young and appealing. But this picture of a Japanese Model whose youthful look when compared to her age is unbelievable has left internet users in awe. The Japanese model Risa Hirako doesn’t look a day over 20 except, Risa Hirako is actually 45 years old (!). It’s almost unbelievable

According to Hirako’s Instagram page, one of the secrets to her ageless appearance is a steady diet of almond milk, fruit, and honey.

But even with a healthy diet and exercise, how does she look like this?!

Anyways, guess who’s going to shop for almond milk, fruit and honey, Me! yayyyyyyy lol.

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