See What A Young Blogger Did To Her Boobs!Her Reasons Will Shock You!

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A young blogger has taken to social media to frankly document the process of having a breast reduction, with scores of women applauding her bravery.

Relief: The young woman decided to get a breast reduction after suffering from back pain due to her size J cup breasts

Lala, an artist and Youtuber who goes by the username of pretty_kitty_meow on Instagram, posted a raw and confronting photo of her breasts post surgery on social media last Monday.

The young woman, from Salt Lake City, posted the 'somewhat graphic photo' showing the scars from where surgeons cut into her breasts to remove over four pounds (1.8 kilograms) of fat and tissue.

Brave and honest: Artist and YouTuber Lala posted a photo of her breast reduction on Instagram (above)

The picture was taken only four days after the surgery, with Lala saying she was still in a fair bit of pain and that her breasts were still swollen.

The young woman revealed in another post on Instagram that was having back pain from her large breasts, which were previously a J cup, which triggered her decision to have the reduction.

She said that her breasts are around a D to DD cup size now, a huge reduction of at least six cup sizes.

The artist also posted a comparison shot to social media showing her breasts before and after surgery in the same low cut dress, where the difference is very noticeable.

Before and after: Lala also posted before and after photos (above), showing the difference having more than four pounds (1.8 kilograms) of fat and tissue removed made
Before and After

Lala has been very open online about the surgery, and said that any woman considering a breast reduction are free to contact her if they have questions.

Many people have praised her bravery for posting the photos online and sharing the experience.

'You are a inspiration truly, me being a big girl seeing this makes me feel good about considering a reduction on my boobs, thank you so much,' one Instagram follower Shania Marie commented.

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