See What Happened After Man Finds Out His Russian Wife Killed, Buried Her Ex Hubby In The Yard 20yrs Ago

A man found a skull while planting potatoes in the garden only for his wife to reveal it was the remains of her first husband who she had axed to death and buried 20 years ago.Read Also: Why Reality Stars Fade Away After The Show – Tobi Bakre Reveals

The 60-year-old woman calmly explained ‘don’t worry it’s my first husband’ after the grim discovery in the garden of her home in Luzino, a village in the Omsk region of Siberia.

She confessed to the killing before telling her new partner to ‘bury the remains again, forget about it, and we won’t tell the police.’

The woman had confessed that 21 years ago she had struck her spouse with an axe during a quarrel after ‘he came home drunk and beat me’ at her home.

However, the husband ignored the instructions and called the police.

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