See What Happened To A Man After Loosing So Much Weight

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A super slimmer who shed 13 stone is now desperate to rid himself of the excess skin his weight loss campaign left behind.

Manpreet Singh has launched a fundraising campaign to raise the £9,000 he desperately needs.

The 25-year-old was compelled to do so after his application to have the body contour surgery through the NHS was declined because doctors deemed the excess skin did not cause a severe enough impairment on his everyday life.

This is despite Manpreet, of Springwood, uddersfield, saying the skin has given him depression, anxiety and contributed to an eating disorder.

“The £9,000 will only fund skin removal on my stomach,” said Manpreet, a health care assistant.

Huddersfield ExaminerManpreet Singh

“Private doctors have estimated the total cost being over £20,000.

“But the skin removal is so important to me.

“Although I’ve lost a lot of weight I still feel very self conscious and down which affects me being able to socialise and has led to me putting off my plans and ambitions.”

Manpreet ballooned to 28 stone 10lbs by his early 20s, making him morbidly obese.

It was the result of a life of unhealthy eating.

Manpreet Singh
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