See What This Woman Did After Her Village Was Freed From ISIS Rule(Photos)

This is the emotional moment a woman rips off her black niqab after her village was freed from ISIS rule .The terrorist organisation is known to impose a number of strict rules and regulations, including forcing women to wear all-black dresses and veils.

The elated woman was seen casting off the garments in front of other locals after their village, on the outskirts of Manbij city, Aleppo, was liberated by Syria Democratic Forces .

Underneath the oppressive black clothes, she reveals a colourful patterned dress and purple headscarf.

It comes after a video emerged showing another woman rejoicing after Islamic State was forced out of her city and she can finally wear her red dress again.

The video shows men, women and children cheering and laughing as they wave goodbye to ISIS who have been forced out of the town of Abu Qalqal.


In the clip , Khadija Abdul Mu'tti beams, saying: "Welcome Syrian Democratic Forces!

"You've liberated us! You've allowed me to wear red!

"I promise, I will always wear red!"

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One man tells the camera that ISIS banned smoking - and whipped him 89 times when they caught him puffing away on a cigarette.

Abu Qalqal lies just south of Manbij in Aleppo, an area where several small towns and villages have recently been liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

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