See What Was Done To A Man Pretendig To Be Disable After His Tricks Failed

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A man pretending to be disabled in order to beg for money on the street was caught out by a wily passer-by - who refused to be convinced by his tricks.

The man had tucked his legs into the back of his boxer shorts, to give the appearance that he had no legs.

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He then put on a pair of trousers to cover his hidden limbs and spent the say sitting on a skateboard.

But he was caught on when another man, who had walked past the ' disabled beggar ', was unconvinced by his act.

Liveleak Man PRETENDS to be handicapped to beg on the street...but gets busted
The man was caught out by a passer-by who refused to believe his act

In the video, the passer-by is seen pulling down the man's trousers to reveal his hidden limbs to the waiting crowds.

As the fraudster realises his cover has been blown, he desperately tries to wheel himself away on his skateboard - but the damage has already been done.

Liveleak Man PRETENDS to be handicapped to beg on the street...but gets busted
The fraudster had been tucking his legs into his boxer shorts

It is believed the footage was recorded in China, although the exact location is not clear.

The footage has now been viewed more than 28,900 times on after being uploaded just six hours ago.

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