Selfie Mishap: Train kills Woman taking Selfie (Photos)

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A tourist has captured the horrifying moment a woman is swept under a train while taking a selfie in Foshan, south China.

Hoards of tourists had been attracted to Liantang village’s 33 acres of rose gardens according to People’s Daily Online.


But tragedy struck on April 9 when the unidentified 19-year-old victim stood too close to the tracks as the train sped past.

The incident took place at around 12.10pm local time.


According to Mr Dai, the manager of the rose garden, the woman and a couple of her fellow students were visiting the area.

She wanted to take a selfie with the passing train in the background so stood close to the tracks despite the fact that the train showed no signs of stopping.

The woman also ignored warning horns sounding from the locomotive and pleas from people around her.

Another tourist captured the terrifying moment before the woman died.

It is thought that although she wasn’t standing directly on the tracks, the force generated by the train’s movement swept her under the wheels.

The woman suffered severe injuries to her head and was pronounced dead at the scene and the train eventually came to a stop.

This is far from the first time that similar incidents have taken place at those tracks, where there are no barriers to keep people away from danger.

Locals revealed that although there are signs warning people not to go on the tracks, the fact that they made a short cut across the fields meant that many did not heed the advice.

For tourists, there’s also a lack of awareness about the dangers of being so close to the tracks with many preferring to get the perfect picture instead.

Last year, MailOnline reported that a section of tracks in Nanjing, east China, had become a popular tourist spot with people trying to take photographs of its natural tunnel.

Although no fatalities had been reported, one girl stopped the same train twice because she was standing on the tracks to take the perfect selfie.

Local railway police are currently investigating the incident in Foshan.


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