This Serial Killer Mutilated His Own Penis (see why)

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Nikko Jenkins who chopped off his penis to make it look like an 'Egyptian serpent god' killed four people in Omaha, Nebraska.

A serial killer who cut off his own penis has been given the death penalty after showing "a lack of remorse" for his murders.

Nikko Jenkins, 30, has been sentenced to death after killing four people in Omaha, Nebraska, in 2013.

It is the state's first death sentence since the punishment was reinstated in November.

The decision came despite his attempts for a more lenient sentence by claiming his self harm was evidence of psychosis.

Jenkins had chopped off his own penis in an attempt to make it look like a giant 'Egyptian serpent god'.

He believed he was told by ancient god Apophis, who resembles a giant snake, to make his member look like a reptile.

His self-mutilation came months after the murderer, prescribed by one psychiatrist as a psychopath, also botched an attempt to carve '666' onto his own forehead after he forgot he was looking into the mirror.

He carved the fabled ‘sign of the beast' made famous in the classic horror movie The Omen, backwards — making them look more like upside-down 9s, according to court officials.

Jenkins reportedly said he carved the 666 because he was not receiving treatment for his purported mental illness, local news site reported.

In August 2013, Jenkins went on a killing spree, shooting and killing Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruizon using a sawn-off 12-gauge shotgun.

Their bodies were found inside a pickup truck in southeast Omaha, New York Daily News reports.


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