Sexy and Rich isn’t enough see why Nichole Scherzinger is still single

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Nichole Schermazing as popularly called is known for her vast dancing performance and unarguably multi talents.Check the article in here to see why such an elegant and beautiful lady can't find a lasting relationship

SHE has topped the charts, wowed the West End and could soon reprise her role on the X Factor.And with a new acting career about to take off after she was cast in the US TV remake of Dirty Dancing, the garden looks rosy for the delectable Nicole Scherzinger . . . until you take a closer look.

The woman who has famously wrapped entertainment titans Simon Cowell and Andrew Lloyd Webber round her perfectly manicured finger is heading towards her forties without the one thing she truly desires — a rock-solid relationship.

As she herself once admitted: “I am rubbish at dating.”

Nicole, 37, famously enjoyed a romance with F1 race ace Lewis Hamilton on and off for seven years.

Now her latest fling, with tennis star Grigor Dimitrov, 24, is on the rocks over her desire to settle down.
One friend said: “Nicole is every man’s dream woman. She’s feisty, fun and gorgeous but somehow the relationship game always turns sour for her. She just can’t get a break.”

And pals believe they know what is to blame. Bizarrely, despite the Hawaii-born beauty’s stunning looks making her the envy of most women, she is cripplingly insecure and prone to fits of jealousy.

One said: “She can be really hard on herself — it’s like sometimes she doesn’t know who she actually is or what she wants.

“It makes it very hard for people to read her — and often they’re left asking: Who is the real Nicole?”

Nicole has beguiled some of the most popular men in the world.

Her relationship with track champ Lewis had more pit stops than a Formula 1 race. The couple split up and got back together so many times it led to accusations it was nothing more than a PR exercise with both of them benefitting.
Even she admitted the relationship was wrong, hinting in an interview last year just after a break-up that the couple kept getting back together because they had become “complacent”.


She said: “Sometimes people stay in relationships because they get complacent, because it’s comfortable, because they don’t want to be alone.”

While on her various breaks with Lewis she embarked on a series of flings with other stars — all of which amounted to nothing, fizzling out usually after a few outings.
There were dalliances with One Direction star Harry Styles, and she was even rumoured to have dated her former X Factor USA co-star Steve Jones. In 2014, Mariah Carey’s ex Nick Cannon claimed to have once slept with her.


And last year, following her final split from Lewis, she had a fling with Brit singer Ed Sheeran.


X Factor boss Simon was so enchanted by her he axed his close pal Cheryl Fernandez-Versini to have kooky Nicole on his X Factor USA panel instead, sparking a bitchy feud between the pair

Lord Lloyd Webber found her charms so captivating he cast her in the revival of his musical Cats and even wants to take her to Broadway.

Now the rival moguls are preparing to fight over who gets her this summer — with Lloyd Webber promising to make her a Broadway star, and Cowell lining her up to replace busy Rita Ora on The X Factor following Cheryl’s departure.

Friends say the tug-of-war is classic Nicole — and goes to the heart of why she struggles to make her relationships work. In short, she is an incorrigible flirt — but very insecure.
A pal said: “Men fall under her spell because she is such an accomplished flirt. She fixes people with those eyes and they’re hooked. She gives off an air of vulnerability too — and men lap it up. She really makes it work for her. But after a while it seems to wear off.”

Nicole has found it hard to make friends with women — especially if they are blonde and beautiful.

Even when she was in girl group the Pussycat Dolls and promoting girl power Nicole was isolated. As the frontwoman of the group Nicole was the most famous but the other girls resented her and felt she got too much attention
Bandmate Carmit Bachar told The Sun previously that it was Nicole’s jealousy of blonde Ashley Roberts that caused the bad blood that led to the band’s split.

She said: “Nicole was jealous of Ashley. She felt threatened by her — like people would prefer her because of the way she looked. Ashley had that iconic American thing going on — blonde hair, blue eyes. It was the look Nicole seemed to want but could never have.

“No one could understand why Nicole was so jealous. She was an exotic beauty with a look that most girls would kill for.

“But she always had a thing about blonde girls. Ashley knew Nicole was jealous of her and it made her feel uncomfortable. It was a hideous undertone in the group.” Nicole blames her battle with bulimia for making her aloof and insecure. She explained once: “There were a lot of moments when I was with [the Dolls] that I was distant and stand-offish.

“I never opened up to them to talk about my problems and I would shut myself away — and push them away — because I was battling this horrible secret illness, bulimia.

“Between 18 right up to my mid-30s I suffered from bulimia. It was all wrapped up with my low self-esteem and a crippling lack of confidence.

“It’s taken me a long time to deal with these issues and I feel so annoyed that I let that disease take over.”

When her bulimia left her throat so sore she couldn’t sing and started to black out, Nicole knew she needed help.

She said: “I thought, ‘I’m going to lose everything I love if I don’t love myself.’ One day when you feel like you’ve reached the end, you just say, ‘I’m not doing this any more.’

“It’s sad to see how I wasted my life. I had such a great life on the outside, the Dolls were on top of the world but I was miserable on the inside.”

But despite this self-awareness Nicole’s insecurities are still very much apparent. The star spends hours fretting about her appearance and unlike most celebrities admits that posting pictures of herself to her 5.4million Twitter followers gives her “so much anxiety”.

A return to The X Factor could give Nicole the confidence boost she needs.

After all, she was responsible for creating The X Factor’s most successful group One Direction when she stood in for Cheryl at the show’s bootcamp in 2010 and put the five solo stars into a group
Of course the move didn’t endear her to Cheryl, who had earlier that year watched Nicole win Dancing With The Stars by tangoing with her former boyfriend Derek Hough.

When Nicole was brought back as a permanent judge with Tulisa Contostavlos, Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh in 2012, she mentored James Arthur and Jahmene Douglas to first and second place, respectively.

But while Nicole has proved herself great at helping others with their music career, despite her past highs her own music career has struggled recently. Her latest music deal was worth an impressive £3.1million when she signed with Sony in 2014.

But the album Big Fat Lie, her second solo release, didn’t set the music industry on fire and only spent two weeks inside the top 100, peaking at 17.
Her TV career also suffered a blow after Sky 1 axed her latest TV outing, music and comedy show Bring The Noise, after ratings struggled to get above 200,000.

Financially they must have paid off for Nicole though because she has expensive taste.

She said: “I’m quite a Cartier girl. Diamonds just make me feel different because you know what they’re worth.

“My sheets are expensive too. You could buy a nice car for the cost of really good sheets.

But it’s not material things Catholic Nicole really craves – it’s marriage and children.

After splitting from Lewis she remained positive, insisting that she still believes she will get her dream family. She says: “I will definitely get married and have kids. It’s just who I am inside . . . ”

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