Single Mum’s Dating Game Upped After Drastic Weight Loss(Photos)

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A single mum who was depressed about her size has lost almost half her body weight thanks to a diet of green tea.

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Siobhan Thornton, 23, tipped the scales at 17-and-a-half stone after giving birth to her daughter and splitting up with her partner.


Feeling down about her appearance, she continued to gorge on junk food.

But after researching weight loss aids online, she began drinking green tea and has now lost over eight stone.

After adding in a minimum of two cups of green tea a day to her daily routine, she now weighs less than nine stone and is a size eight.


And she says she is fighting off blokes who can't get enough of her trim new look.

Siobhan is inundated with requests for dates from guys who previously shunned her and has even downloaded Tinder.

The cafe worker said: "I used to avoid looking at myself - now my confidence is through the roof and I've halved my BMI.

"I am certain that I lost the first three stone through drinking green tea alone.

"My metabolism just went through the roof and I hadn't done much else.

"I was measuring my waist and it was getting smaller and smaller and I wasn't doing any exercise.

"Green tea is so underrated and it's cheap as chips."

Studies have shown that green tea helps fat oxidation and improves exercise performance.

In one weight loss study, the active ingredient EGCG showed 24-hour metabolism rises of 4%, equivalent to burning an extra 65 to 200 calories a day.

Siobhan, 23, had always been a size 14 to 16, but after having baby Tia three-and-a-half years ago, her weight exploded and she could barely cram herself into a size 22.

By the end of 2015 she weighed in at 17 stone 7lbs, had split up with her partner, was close to being diabetic and was severely depressed by her appearance.

She ate nothing but junk food, spent nights on the sofa scoffing chocolate, avoided mirrors and never went out.

After a trip to her GP in her home of East Kilbride, she was given the choice of anti-depressants or personal training sessions.

She began going to the gym several times a week. She was so unfit, her initial training sessions made her ill.

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