Skuki Reveals Real Bond Holding Them Together






Singing duo, Tumininu and Atewologun Ogunniyi popularly known as Skuki have revealed why they have remained and would still be inseparable.According to the duo, despite their differences as brothers, their mother has been a strong backbone for them.

“Well I don’t know, my mom would kill us if we try that, any ways it just works apart from that, what I can’t do he can do likewise the other way round, we complement each other”.

The duo said “We have differences definitely, but then we started this thing together, I think any break up would be if anyone of us is carried away, so if I decide to want break or something, would be that I have gotten carried away. Even years from now, when I look back, I would definitely regret that decision”.

Stressing on the importance of womanhood, the duo concluded by saying that “I want to use this opportunity to reach out to women out there, mothers play a great role, because we argue, we fight, and when that happens, we think of ‘mumcy’ and she just knows how to balance the whole thing”.

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