Smack-down Between Two Prostitutes Ended Bloody(See Photos)

Two Prostitutes ,On their way home,  reportedly stopped over at another joint to buy some cigarettes, and was at the joint before they started quarreling due to reasons best known to them. The altercation turned into a fight when they started exchanging blows.

It got even dangerous along the line as one of the prostitutes, apparently intoxicated, drew the first blood by breaking a bottle of beer and used it on her challenger. And in reply the other lady broke another bottle, held her colleague on the ground and stabbed her once in the face.

The two were later rushed to a hospital in Amaigbo; and according to the motorcyclist who took them to the hospital and returned an hour later, the less injured harlot later overpowered the security man at the hospital gate and ran away, while her colleague received medical attention.


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