SMH! Transgender recalls how her surgery almost destroyed her

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Read the pathetic story of a transgender, whose sugery went bad. She has suffered for 10 years after a ‘doctor’ injected her face with cement and tyre sealant. Rajee Narinesingh fell victim to a notorious plastic surgery practitioner known as the ‘toxic tush doctor’ whose unsavoury methods to cut costs left many disfigured.


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She was left to deal with hard lumps and nodules in her face from the harmful materials. Help however came her way when Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif, surgeons from the TV show ‘Botched’, decided to hear her out and perform several operations on her face to remove the harmful material.

In 2005, her fellow trans woman popularly called ‘Duchess’ collected just $100 to ‘pump up’ Rajee’s breasts, buttocks, cheeks, jawline and lips. Duchess used a filler made with silicone, mineral oil and cement which turned to a toughened mass beneath the skin. One of the lumps in her face even exploded and ‘green matter’ burst out.


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‘I felt like a monster, a sideshow circus clown,’ the trans-activist recalled. While talking about how she feels now that she has gone through the correction surgery, Rajee said:

‘It’s a pretty major improvement. I look in the mirror and think, wow. I’m excited about the future and the wonderful possibilities it holds for me. The men situation is better. I’m getting approached a lot more, and they seem to be really attracted to me.’

She said she wanted to speak out to warn others of the dangers of unlicensed medical procedures.

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