South African Singer dies of Anal Cancer

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36-year-old gay South African singer, Koyo Bala, who is HIV positive has died at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, after battling with anal cancer for two years.

Koyo Bala was part of a pop gay group known as 3-Sum made up of Bala‚ Amstel Maboa and the late Jeff Moyo, who were popularly known in the South African entertainment industry as gay rights activists.

Koyo Bala had disclosed publicly that he was HIV positive in 2011.

It was also disclosed that he was, earlier in 2014, diagnosed of anal cancer which he lived with for two years before it now claimed his life.

His last tweet about his illness in February reads: “I pray 2 God everyday 2 help me pass this cancer #itshard #pains #wontgiveup #canwinthisbattle #cantsleepofpains”.


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