Strange!Python bites man’s penis while he sits on the loo (see video)

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A man was caught in a blood-soaked battle with a massive snake after it slithered up sewer pipes and bit onto his penis as he sat going to the toilet.

Atthaporn Boonmakchuay was squatting over the toilet at his Thailand home this morning when he suddenly felt a sharp bite to the tip of his penis.

He immediately grabbed down below with his hand and was horrified to discover he had caught hold of the head of a huge snake that had clamped its jaws around his privates.

The 38-year-old immediately screamed for his wife and began fighting the serpent - which refused to let go of his member.

The pair were thrashing around the tiny toilet - leaving blood splattered across the floors and walls but just as he feared he could lose his penis, Atthaporn hatched an ingenious plan to remove the snake with seconds to spare.

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