Tech Advice: Learn This Shortcuts Today

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We bring a little spice away from the regular crime and celebrity gossips for our readers today,Its few
tech advice on getting things done on the internet and your computer…hope you find these shortcut useful.


1.How to download your favorite Video on youtube

Par-adventure you stumble upon a video on youtube ,or you got a link to a video on youtube and you find it amazing and worth keeping on your device.All you have to do is this:

-Go to the video url, Type”SS” AFTER the WWW. in the url

You are set to download your video

2. Get Access To Instant Tools Download


Insert “DETURL.COM/” in front of any Youtube Url,Reddit Url, Or Image Url.This gives you access to instant tools download/MP3-IZE A video:

Search Karma Decay:Edit An Image,copy to IMGUR

See EXIF Data,Do reverse Image Search and more

3. Free College Course

Image result for opencourseware


They have hundreds of free college course lectures taught by some of the best professors in the world.

4. Opening Power Point Like a Pro

Image result for powerpoint

If you’re given a powerpoint presentation save it as a .PPS file instead of .PPT,it will open immediately into a Slideshow and you will look like a pro

5.Enjoying All Your Youtube Video

Download the ‘Youtube Center’ extension then uncheck dash playback in player settings,youtube will then force the entire video to load,not just small segments.

6. Access Any Website

When you can’t access a website ,Paste the URL of any website you want to access in Google translate to use their free proxy.

7. Looking For School Related Information

Image result for google scholar

When searching online for school related information or assignment,stop using to search information for school works instead use,you will get relevant information right away.

8.Need Citation

Related image

Use…this will generate accurate citation for you



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