The Radar makes it even !talks about Wizkid

Earlier today,there was a serious stare on the internet about comments made by wizkid's fans on Linda Ikeji's Instagram page.Lots of abusive words ranted on the Ex model now Blogger.Nigerians can come for you if you fuck up o but one thing is certain they would leave when the time is right.The noise should be down now just like the 'Egbon Olamide come and take the car if you want it rant"

My Opinion: Linda Ikeji can choose to sleep with whoever she wants ,its no ones business,Wizkid can do whatever he wants with his life and space ,it shouldn't be a topic or bone of contention so far he is not moving your pillar.Everyone as a matter of fact has freedom to do whatever he/she choose except committing crime.

Get it clearer hereIMG_4055.JPG

Fans aggravates lots of things as i think they want something to talk about.Why cant we channel this energy to the corrupt  politicians,leaders, and those making Nigeria miserable for us to live in .Its time to let the sleeping Dog lie and leave Sister Linda to enjoy her big bed and swimming pool while Wizkid  enjoy his EXPENSIVE SHIT

Good Night Nigeria! Goodnight Motherland!

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