These 8 Signs Will Tell You If Your Relationship Will Last

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Don’t waste your time in a toxic relationship! Here are simple signs to tell you if that relationship will last.

These unforgettable signs will tell you if your relationship is going to last or if it will crumble at the long run. These interesting tips provided by lovedatingdoc could save your heart from being broken by an seriousness lad.
1. You Love and trust each other
The number one thing to look forward to is Love. If there is love, then the relationship will be open for other feelings. Love gives you that feeling of oneness and closeness nothing can gaurantee.  Love and trust goes  together. The safety that trust gives you is invaluable. It makes you feel comfortable and something inside you tells you that you can endure any kind of difficulty if you have a trustworthy person next to you. Sharing between a couple is critical, but true sharing occurs only when trust is there to guarantee that your secrets and inner thoughts are safe. Last but not least, trust is one of the top signs your relationship will last because you know that your boyfriend will not cheat you, that your girlfriend will never flirt with other men and betray you.

  1. You respect each other
    Trust also brings respect. It’s important to look at your boyfriend and see a man who has accomplished a lot, a clever guy who can protect you. Respect will protect your relationship when people try to bring obstacles along the way. It will also secure you from being jealous, because if your man respects you, then you don’t need to worry if he is seeing another woman. A cheater is a guy who does not respect himself first and foremost. Respect is all about giving the right opportunity to speak up and to look up to him, a feeling that makes you proud just by being next to her. How are you going to have a long lasting relationship if you don’t respect each other? You will end up hating each other. You will go down the road of stupid fights over nothing and irrational accusations on funny grounds.

  2. You are open to each other
    Trust brings a sense of freedom between two people and this is the building block of relationships. When you feel safe, you are free to open up and share with your boyfriend all your thoughts and dreams. You can tell her all about your dark passenger, your weird moments, the issues that are keeping you awake and all those important parts of yourself that you would normally keep secret. You know that your relationship will last when you can discuss with your other half about everything, without feeling shame. If your boyfriend is willing to listen without judging, and is understanding your point of view, then you can be sure that your relationship will be a long one!

  3. You care for each other
    When you truly care for a person, you would do whatever it takes to see him happy. If that’s not a clear sign that your relationship will last, then what is it? Love is not about words, is about actions. It’s when you are always there for him. It’s when you put your partner’s needs and wants above your own. Not in a passive way, but in a mutually caring way. It might be hard to describe it to someone who didn’t feel that before. It’s when you are there to hold your girlfriend’s hand when she failed that audition or when she had a fight with her parents. Caring is when you think about the other person all day and you some times worry when you don’t have good news, or no news at all from him.

  4. You are attracted to each other
    You just met him and started dating. Everything about him is fantastic, you really enjoy being with a guy like him. You feel lucky that you found such a wonderful person and you can’t believe how hot he is. That’s fine and typical to say when you just entered a relationship. It’s only natural that you see the best in him and you are so happy. It’s called passion of the moment and it’s the first stage of being in a relationship. But the big question is, are you going to feel like that in 6 months? Are you still going to feel lucky when you move in with him and find out that he is not the angel you though he was. Well, nobody is perfect, I can tell you that. But one thing is for sure, if you are attracted to each other, then your relationship will last for many years. Attraction is key, especially for men. That’s why we urge women to look after themselves, even after they get married or have kids. They need to be attractive at all times, and so do men. They cannot afford not to work out and keep fit, it’s not an option to let go your body just because your partner loves you “no matter what”. You have to make the effort, even if you are not perfect. It’s the effort that counts and that’s what will be appreciated by your other half.

  5. You laugh and smle like twins
    As a result of the previous comment, enjoying the moment, you tend to laugh with your boyfriend. You find the same stuff funny and you develop the same sense of humor. Laughter is important to let steam out and bring happiness in your life. Various scientists around the world suggest that people who laugh more, live longer. Let me take this argument one step further and declare that couples that laugh together, tend to stay longer together. It’s one of the best signs your relationship will last, as the hunger for laughing will never be fully satisfied, you will always want more and more. You are having fun, why would you even consider breaking up with such a guy that can make you happy? If I were you, I would start asking myself if he is the one! Check the signs he wants marry you and find out if you are going to tie the knot soon!

  6. There is mutual understanding
    Everyone is weird in a way. You have your ways, he has his ways. A relationship is all about being able to understand each other. Even if you don’t accept his way of thinking, you should be able to understand where is he coming from. Without understanding, you will end up in endless fights and eventually break up. One of the most promising signs your relationship will last is when your partner shows understanding in your dreams, he seems to understand why you got mad and he is willing to change. He can understand why you want to go out with him on Saturday night instead of hitting that party with his mates. He understands how important it is for you to find a job and he’s doing everything he can to help you. He totally gets why you need to have an escape next weekend and cancels all his meetings to fly with you in your favorite destination. It’s about setting your priorities straight and following it through till the end.

  7. You forgive each other
    People screw up. We are human and we make mistakes. But true love means that you can forgive your boyfriend and move on. I’m not suggesting to end up the fool in your relationship, putting up with anything. All I’m saying is that from understanding, comes forgiveness. There is nothing worse than coming back to the same issues again and again. This is a dangerous attitude that can kill any long lasting relationship. Think about it. You have an argument today and you kind of solve it. But you are left with some bitterness inside you, even if you don’t show it. You will eventually bring it up, most probably at your next fight. You will come back to that irritating thing your boyfriend does that drives you mad. One of the signs your relationship will last is the ability to leave all these little things behind, and truly forgive one another. Love is kind and is all about being a better person, one that stands higher than the rest, and is able to forgive. It’s the most liberating feeling in the world, it sets you free from all the wrong doing of the past and clears the path for a happy future. Are you able to love like that?

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