This Man Killed Himself After France Lost At Euro 2016(See Why)

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A man killed himself after losing his last savings on a bet that France would win theEuro 2016 final.

Fidel Nikitin, 27, hoped the £2,300 gamble would allow him to clear his debts but Portugal went on to beat the host nation on Sunday.

The mobile phone salesman, from Izhevsk, Russia, left a message on his social media account after the 1-0 defeat saying: “Thank you and forgive me.”

Police said he walked onto the Ludzya-Izhevsk railway track and did not flinch as a train sounded a warning.

Will StewartFidel Nikitin
Fidel walked out in front of a train after the home nation lost the game against Portugal
Will StewartFidel Nikitin
The mobile phone salesman posted a haunting last message on his Facebook page

The driver said he had no time to stop after seeing the man on the track, it was reported.

Relatives revealed university educated Fidel was deeply shocked after Portugal beat France to win the tournament.

Fidel had taken out a series of loans but was unable to pay them back.

He had hoped winning the bet would allow him to repay his debts.

Will StewartFidel Nikitin
Fidel placed a bet of £2,300 on France winning the tournament
Will Stewart
Fidel Nikitin’s social media page, where he left a final goodbye message to friends and family

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