Toddler found wandering the street led police to her dead mother

A toddler who was found walking to nursery alone by an off-duty police officer led him to the body of her mother.An inquest in to the death of Nicolla Rushton heard how her daughter led the police community support officer and his wife to her home; where they found the 30-year-old’s body.

When she was approached by the pair, the two-year-old had told them ‘I am going to nursery. I can’t wake mummy up.’

South Staffordshire Coroner’s Court heard how Nicolla had been drinking and taking drugs in the hours before her death in January.

The coroner,Andrew Haigh, was told the mum-of-one had a history of ‘binge drinking and mental health problems’ and was prescribed antidepressants two days before she died.

She was last seen later that evening by her stepfather who said she had been drinking alcohol.

PC Collette Harrison told the inquest she saw evidence of alcohol consumption and drug misuse in her home in Burton-upon-Trent.
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The inquest heard how Nicolla’s body was found face down in her bedroom alongside drug paraphernalia, including a lighter and burnt foil.

Mr Haigh said the mum-of-one was not known to use drugs before her death but had recently separated from her ex-partner after she found out he was using the class A drug heroin.

He recorded the cause of death as drug and alcohol related.


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