Touching story: This happens when you trully love your spouse

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Its been a couple of months since my girlfriend traveled and the frequent rain fall haven’t really been helping matters

. I initially felt I could contain my urge but sometimes it gets out of hand (GUYS WOULD UNDERSTAND BETTER).

So yesterday, I decided to invite a particular girl over, she happens to have been hoping I would do that a long time though.

To cut the long story short, the touching began and it got to the stage where she gave in and allowed me pull off her entire outfit… down to the last. At this point, it must have been so certain to her that we were going to get down…..

But to the glory of God, it suddenly flashed through my mind how my girlfriend would call frequently and how she would often profess her love for me…….the fact that we’ve grown to become an item over time made me feel a prick in my conscience and all of a sudden I started feeling disgusted with myself. While these activities were going on in my head, this particular girl that came over had already arrived cloud 9….waiting for me to ‘enter the place’. But somehow, I was able to knock senses into my head and attempted to help her back into her outfit while she completed the process herself. (IT TOOK AN EFFORT – BLIV ME)

She turned to me and asked? ‘Whats the problem?’………..I said ‘nothing, its not happening’. Then she pulled away hurriedly and vowed never to visit me again. I was really glad but concealed this so it would not be obvious though.

Anyways, with all that past me now…… thing I can say is that. I have no regrets and if any at all, it would be inviting her to come over in the first place. I realized we guys can be faithful, it only takes a little effort towards self control. I called my girlfriend a few minutes after the drama and we spoke at length for close to an hour…………..and from the conversation, all I could deduce was……I care about her feelings much more than I thought.

Culled from: Corperscorner on Nairaland

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