Watch Fast and Furious 8 crew film explosive scenes as cars plummet from multi-story car park

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The Fast and Furious crew have filmed one of their most explosive scenes ever, as they continue work on the latest movie.

Fast 8 – the latest in the billion dollar franchise – isn’t due to hit cinemas until April 2017.

But fans can now see a sneak peek at what’s in store after the crew staged an elaborate stunt on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio.

One of the city’s locals uploaded a video as they watched the scene unfold from a nearby building.

The clip begins with nothing out of the ordinary as it spans around the built-up area.

Then – almost out of nowhere – four vehicles plummet from a multi-story car park across the street.

The motors glide through the air before hitting the street below – with a huge fireball erupting from the impact.

While it’s currently unknown what led to the dramatic stunt, it’s been enough to whet the appetites of fans.
The footage has already racked-up more than 243,000 hits since it was uploaded on YouTube.

Fast 8 will feature Vin Diesel , Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson reprising their roles.

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