Woman Didn’t Let Husband See Her Nakedness For 12yrs (See why)

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An obese woman so embarrassed by her weight she wouldn't let her husband see her naked for 12 YEARS has shed an incredible nine stone.

Jenni Tait tipped the scales at 20st 7lb and was so ashamed of her figure she kept covered up in front of her husband Scott, 44, for more than a decade.

The 36-year-old from Shrewsbury would conceal her size-26 body with bed sheets and baggy pajamas - and would only have sex with the lights off.


The NHS care coordinator even ordered her husband to knock on their bedroom door before entering.

But after realising that she was sabotaging their love life, Jenni, a mum-of-one, vowed to ditch the flab and has shed a massive nine stone to slim to a size 12.

Sadly the couple split amicably in September 2015, but single Jenni says her svelte new 11st 7lb figure has given her the confidence to revoke her nude ban for good.

Jenni said: "I'd always hated my body, and it got to the point where I couldn't bear the thought of anyone seeing me naked - even my own husband.

"I was so terrified he'd be disgusted by my wobbly bits that I hid away and refused to let him see me without clothes on.

"Luckily he was understanding and never complained, but looking back I can appreciate that my body issues eventually took their toll on our marriage."

Jenni first began piling on the pounds as a child, and by the age of 13 was bullied so badly for her size that she had to move schools.

Following the birth of her daughter Jasmine, now 15, in 2000, her weight ballooned to 18st and she struggled to squeeze into a size 20.

She said: "My issues with food began at school, where bullies called me 'lard-arse' and made fun of my size."

"After splitting up with Jasmine's dad shortly after she was born, the stress of being a single mum and working to pay the bills led me to comfort eat," she continued.

"I'd scoff enormous chicken baguettes, munch on crisps and drink up to 10 mugs of sugary tea per day - which obviously did nothing for my waistline.

"Before I knew it, I was huge. When I met Scott on a night out in 2003, I'd already given up hope of ever liking my appearance."

For the next seven years, Jenni thwarted Scott's attempts to see her naked.

And by the time they married in 2010, he had never actually seen his wife in the nude.

Jenni explained: "I insisted on having sex with the lights off, and I'd even get changed under the covers so he couldn't catch a glimpse."

"Plus he had to knock on the bedroom door before coming in and was banned from the bathroom while I was in the shower," she continued.

"He did think it was ridiculous and constantly tried to reassure me, but I could never believe him.

"I truly thought that if he ever saw my body, he'd be absolutely disgusted."

By 2014, Jenni's body hang-ups were affecting her marriage, so she set about changing her life for good.

After discovering she weighed 20st 7lb - which at 5ft 3in classified her BMI of 50.8 as 'obese' - she began the 5:2 diet.

Jenni said: "It involved eating 500 calories for two days a week and then eating what I wanted the rest of the time.

"At first it worked and I lost 3st in a year. But after that my weight plateaued, so I joined Weight Watchers to lose more."

Over the next year, Jenni exercised and followed a healthy diet that included plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

After cutting out crisps, chocolate and sugary teas, she was delighted to see her weight drop to 15st by September 2015.

But the passion she hoped her weight loss would bring to her marriage failed to materialise and she and Scott parted ways shortly afterwards. Jenni Tait, now 36, pictured in 2011

The NHS worker wouldn't let her husband see her naked

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She said: "Over time, we'd just grown apart. I'd been so self-conscious about my appearance that we'd stopped going out and didn't have anything to talk about anymore.

"We were both devastated but we knew it was for the best.

"To get over my heartbreak, I threw myself back into my diet and lost a further 3st 7lb."

Now 11st 7lb and a slinky size-12, single Jenni says she finally has the confidence she has always dreamed of and is looking forward to finding love again.

She added: "At the moment, I'm just going on dates and discovering the new me.

"I've met some truly horrifying men on apps like Tinder.

"Plus I've had lots of unwanted saucy pictures.

"But I won't let it put me off. I know Mr Right is out there, and this time I won't be afraid to let him see me naked."

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