Woman fakes fainting after assaulting Delta State commissioner

There was drama, recently, in Sapele, Delta State, after a woman identified as Odemi aka ‘Money stop nonsense’ allegedly attacked DESOPADEC Commissioner, Jonathan Amitaye.Read Also: Osama bin Laden’s 12-year-old grandson is dead – Al-Qaeda

According to reports, Amitaye, who was driving a Hilux, had told her to move her big counter, to allow him and others, thorough passage in the front of her store which is by the roadside, but Odemi refused.

An argument later ensued and degenerated to Odemi and her sister tearing the commissioner’s shirt.

According to reports, when the crowd told the woman that the person she was dragging with is a commissioner, the woman allegedly pretended to have collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

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