Woman Regrets Her Actions After A Failed Breast Implant.What Her Breast Look Like Will Amuse You!

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Emily, a mother-of-two, says her desire to have breast augmentation resulted in her developing a dangerous infection that required her new implants to be removed immediately.

‘I’m not hoping for big boobs or cleavage. I just want to look normal,’ she told surgeons on plastic surgery show Botched.

She’s Begging Doctor to make here breast look ‘normal’ again after her dreams for a bigger chest left her with deformed breasts that resembled ‘crab claws’.


'Crab claws': The mother-of-two wants the doctors to fix her 'deformed' breasts, which started to harden and ripple after she had emergency surgery to have her infected implants removed 

Emily says she regrets the initial surgery and finds it hard to be intimate now because of them

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