Work Ethics: The Unique Attribute of Successful People.

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Work is the use of our physical and mental capacities to accomplish task.Read Also: 5 Smart Passive Investment Opportunities In Nigeria
Ethics are those beliefs and principles that shape our ideas of good and bad, moral and immoral. Our
work ethics is our philosophy and set of beliefs about work, our idea of what work is should be; our
standard of work.

If your goal is to improve your life and get ahead of others in your business and carrier, you will have
to determine how much you are willing to give. But remember that ‘successful people are willing to
do the things today other won’t do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have”
I don’t know how long you have been working on your goals and how much you have accomplished
but I do know you have a dream and if you hope to live your dream, you have to follow the steps

Do you best work every day: From today till the day you die, I want you to show up at your job
doing your best. Refrain from mediocrity and cultivate excellence as your watch word. In whatever
you do, pursue a high standard, set the pace, lead the way; let the rest follow. Tell yourself this, my
competition might be more talented than I; he might be richer than me, BUT HE CAN NEVER OUT

Apple Computer successfully revolutionized the movie and music industry because they set out
from day one to think Different. If you are singer, sing always like you have never sung before, if you
are a cleaner, clean like never before. Immense you’re your soul in your work and you will see the
difference. Everything you touch should have a magical glare of WOW!!

Shows up every single day to outdo yourself; the struggle is within. BE Hungry for More!!
Put in The Hours: I am not a fan of the four Hours week by Timothy Ferris. This is because the great
men I try to model will never work 4 hours per week rather they will chose to invest 80 hours per
week. In Life it’s what you sow you reap. Whatever you want out of life, you have got to put it in
there. Successful people are known for their work culture and ethics; they burn the mid night candle
always. Bidding, planning and executing on their strategies until they materialize their dreams.

If you want to be above average, you have to work and show result beyond every other person;
more work leads to more results. The reason most persons are successful is that they work more,
the research their customers more, they know the market better, they know the product better, and
they make far more call than every other person.

Work when your competitors are asleep and also work when they are working!! The law of nature
suggest that you will excel and dominate more than them.

Develop Stamina for Failure: If you will try experiment more than the rest, it is logical that you will
encounter more failure often. Successful entrepreneurs are indifferent to failures; they are driven by
the promise of success that awaits them. If Thomas Edison was not willing to try 1000times, much of
the civilization we have now will be illusory. If Abraham Lincoln was not willing to persist after so
many failures, America of today might share a different value.

Failure and obstacles are there to separate the Champions from the rest. Never let failure rob you of
your enthusiasm, be willing to try new things always.

Successful People are Consistent: Successful people are willing to show upon and work even when
the hope of achieving their dream is burnt out. The difference between talent and skill is that talents
you have natural but skill is developed by hours of consistent effort to get better. The result might
not be evident to you now but be rest assure that you are being moulded into a rock. Commit to
deliver like you have never done before. Never lower your standard for any reason, set the pace
whether as a father, mother, CEO, Sales Rep etc. all you can do is enough but make it’s truly all you
can do.
Always be the best you can…. Till we meet again remain Positive!!!
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