YouTube star Christina Grimmie in ‘critical condition’ after being shot in the head

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Christina Grimmie, former star of The Voice, was reportedly shot in the head after an Orlando, Florida concert Friday night by an unidentified suspect who was found dead, police said.

Grimmie, 22, was attacked at around 10:45pm at the Plaza Live theater while she was signing autographs - the shooter was then tackled by her brother Mark before turning the gun on himself, according to attendees.

She was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition; one witness said he saw her bleeding from the head and being given chest compressions. The gunman died on the scene. No-one else was hurt during the shooting.
Josh Call told The Orlando Sentinel that he was outside the venue working at a vegan hot dog stand when he heard four or five gunshots.

'It was quick like pow, pow, pow, pow,' he said, adding that a security guard jolted at the sound and ran inside to find out what happened.

Call told the paper he waited outside, and went inside where he saw 'a female' on the ground with blood coming out of her head, and someone giving her chest compressions.

And nearby was a dead man with a 'disfigured' face, he said.


An officer later confirmed that only Grimmie and the shooter were hurt in the incident.
The singer was signing autographs at a meet-and-greet session with supporting pop/punk band Before You Exit when the attack occurred, Orlando Police Department spokeswoman Wanda Miglio told NBC News.

The gunman reportedly opened fire on Grimmie before being tackled by her brother. As many as five gunshots were fired, WESH 2 reported.

After being taken down, the attacker - who had two guns on his person, cops said - fatally shot himself.

It's not clear yet if he knew Grimmie.
The singer, who finished third in the 2014 season of The Voice and has built up a sizeable following on YouTube, was in an unknown condition Friday night.

Witnesses told WESH that a woman who appeared to be 'badly hurt' was seen being taken to an ambulance.

They also said the shooting occurred with many teens and children in attendance; there were around 60 people there in total, NBC reported.


Fans were sending messages of support and good wishes on social media using the hashtag #prayforchristina.

Grimmie is known for covers of pop songs including Nelly's 'I Have a Dream'. Her YouTube videos - under the name zeldaxlove64 - have as many as 17million views.

She is working on an album, and is signed to Island Records.



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