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10 Causes Of Male Infertility

Human sperm cells carry two tiny, highly charged proteins called protamine 1 and protamine 2. Nature keeps them in a perfectly balanced one-to-one relationship. But in smokers, Hammadeh and colleagues find, sperm cells carry too little protamine 2. This imbalance makes them highly vulnerable to DNA damage.Read Also: 4 Tips For Human To Human Networking

  1. Keeping Mobile Phone in Pocket

A finding by some researchers at the University of Exeter England released earlier this June shows that keeping mobile phone in the pocket could affect sperm quality. They found out that exposure to cell phone radiation lowers sperm motility by 8% and viability by 9%. This finding is still a controversial one but it would be safer to keep away mobile phones from the pocket as much as possible. gave the following recommendations in their save-the-males campaign:

Keep your mobile phone out of your trouser pocket

· Do not text holding your phone at waist level

· Limit your daily use

· Switch it off at night (or as much as possible)

2. Heavy Drinking

It is said that alcohol affects the body’s ability to absorb zinc which is a nutrient vital for healthy sperm. It’s still unclear what quantity of alcohol is bad but it’s advisable to stay away from it as much as possible, especially heavy drinking.

3.Oxidative Stress 

Another thing that can cause male infertility is oxidative stress. This is linked to lifestyle factors such as obesity, diet, pollutants, smoking and alcohol. Taking antioxidant supplements such as vitamin E, vitamin C, folic acid etc. is said to increase fertility.

4. Poor Diet

Diet should be holistic. A healthy diet will help maintain a healthy sperm count and an poor diet otherwise. It is advisable that one eats foods that will guarantee the general health of the body.( stop eating akpu and Amala without meat,poverty is bad wallahi)

5. Excessive Exercise

Exercise is good for the body but its excess especially when it is combined with body building steroids can decrease the production of testosterone and thereby lower sperm count.

6.Untreated Infection

When STIs are not treated on time, it could result in infertility. Chlamydia infection, Gonorrhoea, Mumps etc can affect fertility and even cause sterility.

7. Exposure to Pesticides and other Chemicals

It has been found that exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals can affect sperm quality and quantity. Agricultural workers and fumigators  need to be mindful of this. Some other chemicals like paints, adhesives and coatings have also been found to double the risk of fertility problems. Men working with chemicals are therefore advised to wear the appropriate protective gear and reduce their exposure to the chemicals as much as possible.

8. Doping

Sniffing drugs like cocaine and cannabis can impair fertility in males. It is said that “cannabis seems to have a dramatic effect on sperm, making them swim too fast and “burn out” before they reach the egg”. Some prescribed drugs can also affect fertility; it is advised that a man seeking to conceive should consult the doctor before taking any drug.

Other things that could cause male infertility include stress, ageing, radiation (x-rays, radiotherapy etc.), and excessive weight. With this understanding, it would be wise for  men especially those seeking offspring to take note of the things that could be responsible for infertility so that they can play their part in making sure they also reproduce in life. It may not be a jinx or spell or lack of God’s favour that is causing infertility; it may just be personal negligence and ignorance.

9.Exposure To Heat

Heat from laptops, wearing tight underpants and other things that could increase the temperature around the testicles could cause low sperm count. As much as possible, it is advised that the general crotch area should be kept cool.

10. Frequent Sex

Too much sex can decrease the quality of sperm cells. It is advised that couples wishing to conceive should limit intercourse to every two or three days.You Can boast you sex life by buying these amazing formula


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