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10 Laws Of Manhood

1.Never stand too close to an unknown girl when in a bus, train, queue or a crowded place.
a. Not only for the good of her, but also for your own safety.

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2. Follow the ratio of :- 2 ears : 1 mouth.
a. Speak a little less and listen some more.

3. Start looking at girls as mere “humans”. There are two benefits of this:
a. You distract less.
b. You disrespect less.

4. Don’t just keep consuming. Start creating.
a. Everything works with a balance, right?

5. When you see your parents, grandparents or wife, holding something heavy or struggling with some work, it’s time to give them a hand.
a. No, never help your siblings. They don’t deserve it. (Just kidding!)

6. Accept it when you are wrong.
a. Except, when you are not. (Exceptions exist though)

7. “Anger” and “Ego” hurt YOU more than it hurts the other person.
a. Kabir Singh? He was ALWAYS high; even when he wasn’t drunk.
b. So don’t be an angroholic.

8. If you have failed, it’s only because of YOU you have failed.
a. No blame game. No excuses.

9. Make mistakes. But never one such, which makes you fall in your own eyes.
a. If the world doesn’t respect you, it’s fine.

10. But if YOU don’t respect yourself, it’s a problem.
a. Feel free to cry when you want to.
b. Even men have lacrimal glands.

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