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10 Things Women Never Tell Men (True Experience)

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The list below was shared online by Edith Undo ,men always wonder what’s going on through their ladies mind ,with her help you can have an idea what it is.Read Also: 4 Ways To Get Your Wife To Voluntarily Have Sex With You

She wrote:

I really can’t speak for all women so I’ll speak for myself and my girlfriends instead!

  1. I don’t like having sex with a guy who has a giant penis. It doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t do anything for me, and it’s an overall unpleasant experience.
  2. If a guy is bad at performing oral sex then I prefer for him to stop than to keep on trying to do something he’s not good at.
  3. When a guy’s always sorry over small things then I know he’s hiding something he should be truly sorry for.
  4. I know some guys pretend to be interested in what I’m saying because they are looking to get me in bed… I’m totally fine having fun with them until I decide to throw them away. No need to pretend they are interested in my conversation in order for us to have fun!
  5. I dislike the masks some men wear in the beginning of relationships; they are dull and boring.
  6. I will also pretend to be a nice person to get a guy in bed. When I’m tired of him I will act like we’ve dated for 15 years.
  7. When I want to break up with a guy I start farting in bed… A LOT
  8. I’m a woman who’s no longer looking for a relationship, I just want to have fun!
  9. Getting married and having children sounds boring to me.
  10. A dysfunctional relationship is like a faulty kitchen appliance, quickly it will get thrown away and replaced for an upgrade.
  11. Saying that women only like assholes is complete bs. I like nice guys, not fake “nice” guys.
  12. I know and all my girlfriends know that if a guy is “nice” (fake nice, not authentic of course ) it’s probably because he’s ran out of options to try and hook up with women. Nobody wants to hook up with an unnatractive, boring AND unpleasant person.
  13. I don’t feel like I should try to impress a guy for him to like me. If he doesn’t like me for who I am then I’m alright moving on to someone who actually likes me for me. Other women and I will NOT bend over backwards to please guys like silly 90’s or 2000’s romcoms would have people believing.
  14. I have options… If a guy doesn’t make me happy I’m totally fine moving on to someone who will.
  15. A guy’s attempt to make me jealous does nothing but boost my ego. If he feels so low about himself that he has to put on a show to win me over then I see it as a form of flattery. Moreover, I’ll never fight for a guy, I’ll only make friends with the “other woman”!
  16. Your big car does not impress me, your wallet doesn’t impress me, your job doesn’t impress me, your success doesn’t impress me. If I can go on vacation with you and tolerate you I am truly impressed!
  17. I’m not a big fan of texting… Don’t assume I crave contact everyday of the week….

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