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10 Things You Should Definitely Do Before Turning 30

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David Harlander shared a list on stuff to do before 30 according to his personal experience and its worth sharing.Read Also :Men!See Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Married Before Age 30

He wrote: 

  1. Have lots of sex. Name someone who said “I wish I had less sex”. I dare you. Try. This is the time to find out what you want in your sex life. Have sex at work. Have sex in a public park. Have sex on a balcony. Do what you want. Just be safe.
  2. Take Risks. Fail. Take More Risks. You want to start a software startup. Good, try it. You want to start an e-commerce startup. Good, try it. You want to be a fitness guru. Good, go for it. Nobody has ever said I wish I started my company later, or I wish I stayed at my cushy job for a couple more years before I tried to go for my dream. This is something you can do later in life too, but it may be hard to find the time with the other things going on in life.
  3. Fall in Love. Be Vulnerable. Being in a serious relationship will teach you a lot. So will completely letting yourself go. You might get your heart broken, but that will make you a stronger person and you will learn so much from it.
  4. Go Out and Meet Someone Everyday for A Month (Year if you’re up for it). I promise, you will not be the same person after this. You will be able to win people over instantly. You will be able to clearly deliver your thoughts. You will increase your energy, confidence, and charisma tenfold. You might suck at first, but if you stick with it you will be a different person. Old friends will be telling you “You’ve changed so much”.
  5. Get rid of your fears. We need to realize that life is more simple than we make it. Our time is finite so we shouldn’t spend it worrying. The future is filled with unknowns. But we need to learn to overcome our fears. Fear and worrying will not stop or help anything. So don’t do it.
  6. Build Your Perfect Body. Figure out how to take care of yourself and build the body you want. Experiment with different diets and exercise routines. Don’t settle for something that you’re “happy with”. Get what you damn want.
  7. Learn How to Prioritize Yourself. Learn how to tell others to fuck off when it is not aligned with your goals/emotional needs/pleasure. Don’t let your family and friends drag you around doing what they want to do. You should always come first.
  8. Set Goals and Accomplish them. Figure out how to set goals and accomplish them. Set a goal with a date. If you don’t complete it by that date hold yourself accountable. Have a good reason why you didn’t. I like to write my fitness and personal goals on a monthly calendar. That way I know if I accomplish what is tasked for that day I will meet my long term goals. If I complete my tasks that day, I put a big check through it. That gives me satisfaction closing out the day.
  9. Put Your Phone Down. There is a Whole World in Front of You. Be in the moment and enjoy the time with the people around you. I guarantee you will have a greater sense of joy in life.
  10. Keep Learning. Read. Read. Read. There is a wealth of information out there in books and online. Soak up knowledge and apply it. Learn new skills. Learn new subjects. Learn anything. Just keep learning.
  11. Quit Your Job. If you think it would be great to quit your job and try X. Just do it. If you have any communication skills you will always be able to get a safe job back in your field of expertise. You will never regret trying and failing miserably. If you don’t try, you will look back for the rest of your life and wonder….what if

Edit: First of all, thank you to everyone that viewed and engaged in this post. After getting a lot of response to 1. Have lots of sex, I thought it would be best to clarify a little more what I meant. There have been a lot of comments. For example, “thats dirty. I will get AIDS and die” …. “No one wants someone that has been with 100 partners”…. “You can have sex after your 20’s”. Having lots of sex doesn’t mean you have to be with all kinds of partners. You can have a lot of sex with one partner. The main point I was trying to make is you should figure out what you want in your sex life. I realize it may have come across as…”sleep with everything that has a pulse” but it was not my intention. Thanks again.


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