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10 Ways To Know Someone Loves You

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Falling in love and been loved are two different things ,when someone loves you or you are guessing if someone loves you,the points below would count.Read Also: 10 Things You Will Realize As You Get Mature

(1) Staring.

Staring is the most basic and common sign that hints at someone being attracted to you. They stare more often and for longer duration each time. They stare when given the excuse to do so, such as when their crush walks into an area or speaks to someone else.

This however is not a perfect hint. Not too many signals are surefire ways to confirm attraction, if there is even any single foolproof way at all. You need multiple signals to be sure.

(2) They like to see your parents, especially your mom.

In most cases, mothers are the ones who take care of their children the most, compared to fathers. Someone who has a crush will have extra excitement when their crush’s mom is around because they appreciate the caretaker who molded their crush into the person he or she is today.

(3) They are nervous only in the presence of their crush until they become comfortable enough.

They seem to be less talkative to and avoid the person they like, more than they avoid others. There is fear that they will mess up, sound stupid, or not look attractive enough. The latter fear is not common since they have to believe they are attractive enough in the first place, to believe they have a chance.

All this nervousness is evident when they seem to run out of ideas of things to say or just don’t seem as outgoing as compared to when they are normally confident around others.

(4) Your strengths are under a magnifying glass.

Someone who is interested will compliment about your strengths more often than normal either to you or to somebody else. Compliments also come in non-verbal ways, such as when they stare at you doing something skillful or at a body part they like, when it is not awkward to do so.

(5) Jealousy or fear of losing their crush.

When another attractive person of the same gender as them is around you, the one who likes you tries to prevent from losing you by getting your attention and talking to you more. Worry or fear can be easily recognized on their facial expression.

(6) Strong eye contact.

Self-explanatory here. For some, they need to get over their nervousness in order to keep long and locked eye contact with those they like. For others, nervousness does not matter and they are able to make strong eye contact starting from day one of meeting you.

(7) Looking for excuses to spend time with you.

Initially, a traditional date seems very intimidating to them so they look for activities that don’t cause them to feel like you will zoom in on their mistakes and weaknesses. Having a strictly face-to-face dinner is way too scary. Instead, they try to find excuses to have activities which require paying attention to more than just strict one-on-one interaction.

As they feel more comfortable, hot traditional dates become more of the norm.

(8) They try to impress you.

Of course, attraction is mostly driven by admiration and appreciation of strengths that people have towards each other. Someone who likes you will show their strengths by talking about their academics, career, hobbies, morals, skills, body, and much more.

(9) Talk about you with their friends.

Their friends will mention certain things about you that prove they have been confessing their attraction towards you to the friends.

(10) They are afraid to upset and lose you forever.

The thought of losing you, by offending or upsetting you, is terrifying. It brings them sadness and causes them to behave much more respectfully.

 (11) Special treatment towards you compared to others

This is the most universal, generalized, and accurate way of confirming attraction. Uniquely special treatment towards just one person is a strong indicator of interest. Think of more smiling, higher tone of voice, talking, and so on when that treatment is not happening towards anyone else.

Obviously, there are many more signs of interest. These are the more common ones I was able to think of.


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