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11 significant signs of Mental Weakness You Should Never Joke With

Mental Weakness

Mental weakness is a logical challenge. It differs from individual-to-individual, and circumstance to circumstance.

Mental Weakness

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A person who is recuperating from delayed ailment could be powerless against mental shortcoming because of admission of medications or medical procedures to evade the spread of a reason for the infection. likewise an individual with a low-intake of energizing food or supplements

Either way, here are some signs you should never joke with…

  1. Blame Shifting: Do you know people who believe that whatever happens in their lives is NEVER their fault? Their hard times are always blamed on someone else, society, circumstances, etc.
  2. Never Deal with Problems: Do you know someone happy enough to just lay there and never tackle any of their problems head-on? Do they use point 1 as an excuse not to handle personal issues?
  3. Can’t Deal with Stress: We all have stress in our lives and we always have two options 1 – Deal with issues head-on 2 – Run away from issues. Some people will hide behind the mask of drugs, drink, sex, etc. instead of facing life.
  4. Zero Self-Esteem/ Self-Confidence: Zero or no personal value. Self-deprecating self-talk all the time. Do you know people who are always putting themselves down? Saying what horrible people they are… on a loop? They will never try anything new because they think they will automatically fail at it.
  5. Easily Manipulated: Some people will believe anything they hear and fall victim easily to the lies of manipulators and users. Even when the truth is clear they choose to remain in manipulative relationships.
  6. Take Other People’s Opinion about Themselves as Fact: We have all had times where people have put us down or said something negative towards us. Some people will take these words as truth. They will live in that (false) truth for the rest of their lives never changing or evolving.
  7. Not Living their Authentic Lives to make Other’s Happy: I think we all know people who would rather agree with all sides instead of expressing their own opinion. Some people lie daily to make others feel better. This is a BAD move because you end up living your life for other people instead of for yourself.
  8. Allowing One Bad Experience to Define your Life: We have all been there. It might have been an accident, rejection, divorce, or death of a loved one. Some people will stay in that pain instead of seeking help or permitting themselves to move on. A sign of strength is to move forward after dealing with the pain and loss of life’s tough moments.
  9. Constant Criticism of Others: We all know these people. They spend every moment of everyday talking crap about people. They can’t seem to stand anyone… family, friends, bosses, wives, and husbands. They are always focused on everyone else and the bad things that these people have done to them.
  10. Jealous: These people are always jealous of others’ fame, wealth, happiness, life, education, etc. You name it they are jealous. They might say ah this person got rich because they have rich parents or they gained fame because they know someone in the industry. So much time is wasted on others instead of themselves.
  11. Can’t Control Their Emotions: To me, this is a big one. Have you ever tried to have a calm and important conversation with someone about something that is bothering you and they fly off the handle in less than 1 second? Do they yell, scream, laugh at inappropriate times? Can they never seem to get a handle on their emotions?
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