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12 Clever Life Hacks You Can Learn

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As humans we keep learning everyday to improve ourselves,today I bring you few life hacks you can learn and apply daily.Read Also: 4 Things I Regret As I Aged Past 50(True Story)


  1. Texted the wrong person? Put your phone on airplane mode and when the message fails to deliver you can delete it.


  1. When you are done with an essay, copy and paste it to Google Translate and listen to it. It is the easiest way to find mistakes.


  1. If you type any flight number on Google, you can see exactly where the plane is.


  1. To skip a Youtube ad, just change ‘youtube’ to ‘youtubeskip’ on the url of any video….you can use Ad Blocker which is more efficient


  1. On you can put in whatever you have in your fridge and it will tell you everything you can make with it.


  1. Four words to get you free alcohol at a party, “I’ve never been drunk.”


  1. Hungry and want a ride home? Go to the local pizza shop, order a delivery and get a ride home with the driver.


  1. Video buffering on YouTube, press the up button and it will start a game of snake.


  1. Want to clean your microwave? Microwave a bowl of water and the steam will loosen any hard pieces that are stuck for easy cleaning. There is danger of microwaving a bowl of water. So it’s probably not really advisable


  1. Use old newspapers at the bottom of your dustbin to absorb food juices.


  1. You can use unscented dental floss to perfectly cut soft solids like cheese.


  1. If you suspect you’ve been given a wrong number, read it back to them incorrectly. If they correct it chances are you were given the correct number in the first place.

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