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12 Ways You Can Use In Satisfying Your Wife Sexually

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These strategies can lead a lady to turn horny, get laid and beg you to have sex with her with full satisfaction.Read Also: Anonymous User Shares Experience And What It Feels To Be Married To A Sex Addict(Read Story)

  1. Kissing her passionately (lip kiss). Put tongue into her mouth during lipkiss.
  2. Gently play with her boobs. Start rubbing the nipple and then gently rub the upper boob area just above the nipple. This is most seducing area.
  3. Suck her nipples gently first. Is you find the nipples are getting erected suck them hard and press them.
  4. Caress her lower back (just above her buttock).
  5. Give some finger simulation with saliva before putting the tool in. Clitoral simulation is essential for sexual satisfaction.
  6. Bite her gently in her pubic areas and if possible slightly bite her vaginal lips.
  7. Turn her back and spank/ slap her buttocks gently. If she responds spank her hard.
  8. Lick her pussy. As she is married and the vaginal entrance will be bigger, put your tongue inside the vagina deeper and see if she moans. For most ladies internal vaginal stimulation with tongue and biting pubic area will surely make beg her to fuck.
  9. You should know that after such efforts how long can you fuck her. If you cant go for long use long during sprays before insertion. Smoking weed also helps.
  10. Put your penis gently first and then adjust strokes as per her pleasure. Change positions and sexual patterns.
  11. Get her consent when she is aroused if she wants to get your dick inside her mouth, she needs her boobs fucked or is she want to get her ass cuddled and rubbed.
  12. Explore ways and tell her to propose ways when she is aroused.

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