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15 Amazing Psychology Facts And Mind Tricks You Shoud Know

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Below are carefully gathered mind tricks you should know and apply in your everyday activities.Read Also: Life After Death?Read Story Of Man Who Died For 5 Minurtes



  • Never show people that you are upset, for it makes you appear weak.


  • If someone makes a joke at your expenses, pretend that you didn’t hear it, while looking straight into his eyes. A joke that has to be explained or repeated loses its power.


  • If you are in an argument with someone, sit next to them. You will seem less of a threat.


  • People love people who like them. Likewise, People hate individuals who hate them.

“Find a way to be well liked. People are more likely to do what you say.”[1]

  • Use the Foot in the Door Technique: this technique is a compliance tactic that aims at getting a person to agree to a large request by having them agree to a modest request first.


  • Be confident. Confidence brings others to you.


  • Give people the illusion of choice. Make them play with the cards you deal.


  • Mirroring people’s body language when you interact with them is a way of building up trust. Just be subtle about it.


  • Many people are surprisingly susceptible to flattery and being told what they want to hear. People tend to shy away from this strategy, thinking it will be too obvious and clumsy, but just try it. It’s as if being flattered or hearing people agree with you gives people a rush of pleasurable hormones to the brain.


  • You want someone you just met to like you? Ask them open-ended questions about themselves.


  • Chew gum when you are nervous. It will help your brain relax due to the fact that you are eating, and the human body relaxes when you eat.


  • Use the Fear and Relief tactic. Induce fear in someone, then give them the good news. People respond better to those who give them good news.


  • Like always, try to look your best. People respond positively to the clean cut.


  • Hard chairs make for a hard negotiation. People sitting on them are less likely to cooperate.


  • Win through your actions, never through arguments.


  • Make your successes seem effortless.


  • If you are going to lie, make it beneficial to the other person.


  • Emphasise scarcity. People want what they can’t have, or at least what might be running short.


  • If you want to calm someone down, sympathize with them whilst describing what’s upsetting them in descending orders of magnitude.


  • If someone is talking or preoccupied, you can hold out your hand and they’ll give you whatever they’re holding


  • Be Charismatic.


  • Follow an unreasonable request by a more reasonable one

“Make an appeal to emotion, not logic.”[2]

  • You can end a lot of arguments with a simple ” I understand what you’re saying, here’s my viewpoint” it validates them while you maintain your position.


  • Give gifts. People will be more inclined to give them back.


  • Learn how to read others to help you in your social encounters.

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