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15 Best Ways To Stay Looking Good

Looking good is the best business you can invest in  as an individual as this goes a long way to improving your mental health ,physical well being ,general health statue and your self esteem.Read Also: If You Agree To Any Of These 8 Points,Then You Have A High Emotional Intelligence

The following are ways to stay looking good …

1. Apply rose water on your face every morning and night
Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness of the skin, discoloration and even acne. Since I’ve been using rose water, my skin has been ever so soft and radiant. The discoloration around my mouth has also reduced dramatically. How do I apply rose water? Well, if the rose water is pure without any added ingredients, I would suggest putting some rose water in the palm of your hand and massaging it into your face. Alternatively, add the pure rose water into a clean spray bottle which you can buy cheaply in a supermarket, and spray that onto your face.

If you are using rose water with added glycerin, add the liquid onto a cotton wool and then apply it onto your skin as the addition of glycerin makes the rose water a little sticky.

Wash your face first, and then apply the rose water. I do this every morning and night.

2. Try to avoid makeup as much as you can but when you do wear makeup, make sure you clean your face before you sleep!

Why to avoid makeup whenever necessary? Because makeup, and I’m saying from experience, can irritate the skin. The bacteria found on brushes, and the bacteria which builds up on your face, clogs up your pores which then leads to annoying blackheads. Also, when you apply concealer or foundation, make sure you don’t stretch your skin, especially your under eyes as wrinkles can be formed that way. If you wear makeup, remember to be gentle with your face, clean your brushes often, and clean your face with a cleanser and moisturizer.

3. Drink plenty of water – at least 1.7 litres a day for glowy and hydrated skin

4. Reduce caffeine intake – drink green tea as an alternative for a healthier body

There are huge benefits to green tea. From weight loss, to avoiding illnesses, Google it.

5. Sleep at least 8–9 hours a day and stay consistent (consistency is key)

6. Brush your teeth twice a day

7. Apply coconut oil to your hair and body

Yes yes yes coconut oil is key! I will tell you a few benefits from my personal experiences, but further research will be needed for you to fully reap it’s rewards.

How do you use coconut oil? You can buy coconut oil in most supermarkets/Asian Supermarkets. One bottle costs as little as £1. The oil usually comes in a solid form. To transform the solid oil into a liquid, rest the bottle in front of a heater, or fill a pot up with boiling water and let the bottle rest inside. Once the oil is in a liquid form, massage the oil into your hair and scalp. Now you can leave the oil on for a few hours, then have a shower or leave it in overnight (i do the latter). You will gain results after a couple of weeks – this includes thickness of hair and less hair falling out.

Using coconut oil for the body is also a miracle. My sister was born with extremely bad eczema. She tried so many creams that were prescribed by the doctors and nothing helped. One day i asked her to try coconut oil on her skin. I’m not kidding when i say this, but the eczema that she’s been burdening herself with for 10 years had reduced by 1/2 in about a month! She has stopped using the creams and has fully converted to coconut oil Crazy… i could go on…

8. Take showers

9. Try intermittent fasting

20 Health Benefits of Fasting for Whole Body Wellness

10. Avoid fizzy drinks and junk food whenever possible

11. Cut your nails and keep them clean

12. Moisturise daily

13. See the doctor for any health concerns, never delay!

14. Exercise!

15. Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs

Rose water is key for a youthful face. And coconut oil is key for healthy hair. Water is key for hydrated skin, and good food and exercise is critical for a healthy body 🙂

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