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15 Things School NEVER Taught Me About Building A Business

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Building A Business :Entrepreneurship and management are radically different things.Entrepreneurship is an art, it’s a messy process where we learn by taking action and by solving one small problem at a time.

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Know this: most business schools teach business MANAGEMENT, not how to create a business.

According to Hector Quintanilla Founder at

He stated:

  1. How to develop business intuition.
  2. The ability to spot good business opportunities.
  3. Having the courage to jump in and take action.
  4. Being able to foresee problems before they actually happen.
  5. How to identify and hire amazing people.
  6. How to grow servant leadership skills.
  7. How to care for my team.
  8. Developing the ability to sell an idea.
  9. Having the strength to overcome very difficult times.
  10. How to handle failure.
  11. Being humble enough to recognize that I’m not “superman.”
  12. Being humble to know that I have HUGE weaknesses and need help!
  13. Recognizing that I don’t know everything.
  14. How to delegate work.
  15. Surrounding myself with good friends that lift me up, not push me down!
  16. Business school is mostly a passive learning experience where “perfection” is expected.

    Entrepreneurs are scarce. Business managers are abundant. Don’t confuse either

    Entrepreneurship is learned by DOING.

    Management, on the other hand, can be easily learned by following the outdated Industrial Age indoctrination practices taught by most colleges.

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