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2 Methods To Touch Your Wife’s Breast Without Causing Annoyance

Touching a woman’s breast when she’s out of mood can stir a fight if not careful.Women have a tender body that needs to be listen to and carefully nurtured .So as a man you have to learn this body language to be in the good books.

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It is called feather touch or feather stroke.

The best method to touch your wife’s breast is using a feather of a bird.

  • You can use a bird’s feather.
  • They won’t cause any pain.
  • They won’t hurt.
  • They do fulfill intended purpose.

In short they are best for touching your wife’s breasts and for that matter you can touch anywhere or any part of your wife’s body.

You can buy synthetic feather as shown below.

  • You can keep changing so that you and your wife won’t get bored.

Note: But you will have to remember, you can not touch her breast anytime or anywhere you like.

  • Not in public place.
  • When she is not in a mood.
  • When she is in some some kind of pain.
  • When she has many important and urgent things on her mind.
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