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2 Ways You Can Use To Handle Toxic Family Members

There are two ways you can use in dealing  with toxic family members.Read Also: Not Born With A Silver Spoon?Here’s How It Feels To Be Child Of A Billionaire(True Story)

1- You can either completely cut them out of your life.

2- Keep talking to them, and supporting them. They need more help then the average person. They are not well. They suffer and hurt – they just express it in a toxic way.

There are methods and consequences to both of these options.

For option one: You are supposedly cutting them out of your life. You may be able to do so to a certain extent. But you will bunp into them one day. You will have created a greater tension between the both of you, and you will be creating an uncomfortable situation for yourself no matter where you go. You’ll have a fear of bumping into that person. Its true! You will always think about it and always be in fear! What a horrible lifestyle and way of thinking.

Or there is option 2: You tolerate being around that person as much as you can handle. And help them. They generally suffer from anxiety or depression- which is a possibility of why they could be so negative and toxic. They would feel so alone already because everyone is leaving that person’s life due to the toxicity they spread. If that person starts to behave in a way that is toxic and it starts affecting you – you talk to them firmly and tell them “you can talk to others like that if you wish. But not me”. If they continue, then you walk out, and leave. Dont get into fights Or arguments. Just leave. And they will eventually feel that they have done something wrong and they will apologize.

How many chances do you give them? Every chance you can give. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not telling you to be their best mate and stay around them every day. But don’t avoid them.

If someone is negative – be the positivity that they don’t have in their life. Who knows they might become more loving and less toxic one day. And you would have been the one to have helped that person.

I also know that every situation is different. So act according to what you think is best – just don’t make hasty decisions. Always have time to think about it when you’re not angry or frustrated.


In Summary

#1 – Don’t Take Things Too Personally

#2 – Stand Up For Yourself

#3 – Figure Out (And Enforce) The ‘Natural Consequences’

#4 – Surround Yourself With Positive People

#5 – Forgive, But Don’t Forget

Good luck – all the best

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