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22 Simple Daily Habits That Would Make You Look Smarter And Healthier

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We strife daily to improve ourselves as human because its very important.Aiken Haley a global Health Research Specialist at the World Health Organisation shares this tips on how to improve ones life daily .Below this post I will share a link to Bauer Nutrition you might want to try it .Read Also: 5 Tips To Note When Looking To Buy A Used Car


  1. Throw away, sell or donate anything you don’t need

If there’s one thing that can immediately relieve your anxiety, it’s to keep only the things you need or care about (for the right reasons).

2. Be organized. In all areas

Store your papers in folders and file your invoices as soon as you receive them. Arrange your clothes so that they are easily accessible, and place essential everyday items in a place where they are easy to find. So, more time wasted going through every corner and trying to remember where you put that thing you only use once every two weeks (but you really need it right now).

3. Use only what you need

Which brings us to the other aspect, more difficult to adopt, in the idea of getting rid of everything that does not serve us: do not fill this void with new purchases. Buy only the food you are going to eat and carefully select the clothes and other products you purchase. Are you really going to use them? Do you really want them or is it just a passing desire? I can assure you that having money in his account and a little more control over his urges brings considerable well-being (as well as a well organized and easy to manage space).

4. Put your well-being before your professional life as often as possible

Of course, there are exceptions (when your responsibilities require you to take a few minutes of your sleep time to answer an important email, for example) and it is not serious, as long as you make a good distinction between the work and the person you are. You don’t reduce yourself to what you do in life and what you earn.

5. Find an activity that allows you to meditate

If the lotus position is not your cup of tea, find something else. You must be able to feel in agreement with yourself, and in the present moment. Take a drive, windows down and music on high, dance in your room every day, or paint (plan a time slot for yourself).

6. Learn to transform everyday tasks into therapeutic practices

Wash yourself, for example, since you have to do it no matter what. The daily contact of hot water, the act of cleaning yourself and the relaxing effect of a good shower or a long bath after a working day are an ideal practice to reduce your nervousness. Light a candle, play music and pour bath salts. Take a meditative approach to these rituals and focus on the idea of liberation and purification.

7. Start writing a notebook

In other words, a compilation of quotes, ideas and book excerpts that inspire you or make you think, and that you will compile in the same notebook to easily find them when you need them. Create “inspiration”, “healing”, “relationships” or “work” sections and keep track of all the little things you encounter every day that inspire you.

8. Keep a journal without strict rules and don’t worry if you tell your life story in it

As with the notebook, write down all the ideas, revelations and observations you have day after day. Dive into your journal from time to time and think about the things that really need to be expressed in you. They will give you an idea of what you should do less, or more, in your life.

9. Light candles at night

Their flame has a hypnotising and soothing effect. In addition to the pleasant smell, candles help create a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

10. Replace your daily cup of coffee/tea with a hot lemon with honey

Relaxing, this drink also has incredible health benefits and costs less than your regular latte. Get started!

11. Pay for your purchases only in cash

It’s difficult at first, but once you get used to it, you wonder why you were doing things differently until then. This trick lets you know what you’re spending (and realize that the little things add up very quickly), helps you stay within your budget and completely erases the fear of “if I buy this, would I still have enough to pay my rent? (which should never be an anxiety).

12. Recite mantras

Even if it seems a bit crazy at first, I can assure you that, given the results, you will quickly wonder what you are saying to make it so effective. For everything that you miss or don’t have enough of, tell yourself that you “are” or that you “have” what you desire. For example: “I am safe”, “I have a comfortable financial situation”, “I always have someone to take care of me”, “I have succeeded”. In this way you lay the foundations for a virtuous circle. “I am” is the most powerful “prayer” there is.

13. Stop seeing people who have a negative influence on your life and don’t feel guilty about it

If they think you are rude or unpleasant, let them say so. You have no obligation to put their well-being before your own.

14. Prepare your own dinner

Mixing ingredients, handling food and designing your own meals makes you feel responsible, invested and in step with the world, in the simplest and most humane way possible.

15. Take note of what you are using without realizing it

Food, music, reading, TV… These things affect your daily state of mind. Do not underestimate the power of the things you let into your life without thinking about them.

16. Ask yourself what life you would like to have and act accordingly

For example, if you want to start a business, ask yourself if you really want to take care of all the paperwork involved, or if it’s a matter of saying you did it to look successful. This is really the best way to target the path that best suits you.

17. Set yourself much more realistic goals

You will accomplish neither more nor less than usual, but you will stop telling yourself that you could have done more.

18. Find happiness in the simplicity of everyday life

Prove to yourself that you finally need little to live incredible things. No need to spend a fortune on ingredients to prepare a good meal. In fact, you don’t need anything other than what you already have to start living the life of your dreams. Why is that? Because it is rooted in you, and you just have to activate it by changing your vision of things.

19. Pay attention to what you are looking for

You’ll find out, no matter what. If, unconsciously, you only want to see what is wrong to force you to change things, you will succeed. If you seek to identify all the points on which you fear you do not deserve what you have, you will also succeed (logically, the reverse is also true).

20. Develop a philosophy of life and let it guide you in your daily life and in your decisions

If you do not have personal convictions about our presence in this world, about the meaning of life, etc., your existence will be full of dissatisfaction, worry and unrest. You do not have to adhere to the beliefs of any religion or group of people, but it is important to conform to what you feel is right. Not because someone has told you, but because it is in phase with the person you are and what you think deep down.

21. Stop censoring yourself

Contrary to what your intuition suggests, the efforts you make to “control” yourself are useless. The more you accept yourself as you are, the less energy you will use to suppress your emotions, which increases stress and may eventually break you down. It is more dangerous to repress and ignore the “negative” aspects of our personality than to accept them (in psychology, we sometimes speak of our “shadow share”).

22. Stop believing that things really are as you see them

Accept to be surprised. Remember that when you are afraid, you don’t see things clearly or how they really are. Do not forget that you cannot know what will make you happy but that you can opt for gratitude and inner peace, in the present moment.


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