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Story Shared:How A Security Guard Became A Bank Brand Support Assistant

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From working as a security guard to being a bank brand support wasn’t a easy ride for Sixtus ,He shared his story as follows.After I left secondary school in 2007, I started working for my uncle who owns a pharmaceautical outlet in balogun, Idumota, while i hustled for my OND. I was the youngest amongst my colleagues(But i was more educated than them all)..No be fumble grin
Because of my academic background(thanks to my mum), I was priviledged to assume the position as the manager(Na one man business sha).

In 2010, I left my uncle(due to much inconveniences, no pay and trust issues) and secured a job in an iceblock factory. The wife was the in charge before i came in and my takehome was 10k/month. Thereafter, I was assigned as the manager with my salary raised @ 3% extra!
I was a manager for 3years, then i left in 2013.

Later on, that same year 2013, i got a job in a hotel. worked as a waiter, attendant and even receptionist with a monthly pay of 16,100. Though with other great benefits, food, mortgage and health insurance.

I left there in 2014 and got a job as a salesman with a mass garment production factory in ikeja. Lucky enough, i am social savvy with quite a level of graphic design experience and this earned me the positon as a Graphic Designer and social media manager of the same company(name withheld). Wisely, I applied as a security officer(Night) with a security oufit and I was posted to omole phase 2, a surburb of Lagos.

My day working(Graphics design and social media) hours was 9a.m to 5p.m while my night working hours(Security) was 7p.m to 7a.m. I was earning 30k from my day job, on the other hand i earned 25k as a night security supervisor, making a total of 55k(plus numerous benefits from the likes of E-money, Ifeanyi Ubah and residents in general). I worked as a graphic designer, social media manager and security officer from 2014 to 2016.

Presently, I work with one of the leading microfinance bank in Nigeria as a Brand Support Assistant(Majorly in Graphic design and minorly, social media, internal and external communications…blah blah blah). I have developed at least 6 websites and I have managed about 12 websites as a freelancer before i secured the bank job. Thus, you can see I was well groomed and I can literally fit into any work environment. I currently earn close to 10x of my first salary at the moment. I am currently running a part-time BSc. program. I HAVE A DREAM!

So, to all undergraduates, fresh graduates and job-seekers out there…biko, start from anywhere, you can’t tell where your job will lead you. I remember I posted something about Digital Marketing yesterday on my facebook page, our HR manager commented on the post, that he would like to introduce me to someone.

Please and please…don’t wait for that office work. Don’t spend your precious time(time is money) surfing the web foolishlisy. Instead, go online, read articles, enrol in free online courses and develop yourself.(no be everything dem go teach you for school).



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