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3 Major Things Men Do That Makes A Lady Loose Interest

Let’s keep this simple.

Men do a lot of things to lose a woman’s interest. But most of it comes from the same 2 underlying problems:

Insecurity and bad teaching.

Men who have low confidence don’t think they deserve to be in a relationship with a great woman. That lack of confidence leads them to act in foolish, needy ways. There’s an alarm bell ringing in their head, saying “She’s out of your league. Grab on quick!”

But most of the time, this attitude is exactly what pushes girls away. It’s a surefire way to lose a woman’s interest.

But confident men also make mistakes that turn women off. This usually comes down to bad teaching.

There are so many poor relationships out there, men don’t have much to learn from.

TV shows and movies only make things worse. They love to showcase guys who act weak, needy, and insecure – but who somehow, through sheer determination, end up winning the girls heart in the end.

That might work in the TV world. In real life, it’s what gets you rejected.

If you want to step up and be the man your woman wants, craves, and deserves, it’s better to know what not to do. Here are 3 things men do to lose a woman’s interest. Avoid them at all costs.


1. Over -pursuing


When most men meet a girl, they lose all control of themselves.

They think they have to act quickly and impress her with multiple dates, lots of attention, and their own brand of hilarious daily text messages.

They think that by throwing themselves at her and being extra witty, she’ll fall in love and beg to be in a relationship with him.


Part of what attracts a woman in the early stages is a sense of mystery. Some might even call it ‘challenge.’

She wants to get to know you slowly, to peel back the layers and learn who you are. She wants to earn your affection, not just have it thrown at her.

Of course you should try to be funny. Of course you should ask her out. But it’s a matter of how much you do these things. It’s about how you’re coming across.

Are you an interesting, confident guy inviting a woman to dinner?

Or are you a bored and lonely dude begging for attention and a night out with an attractive girl?

There’s a world of difference between those two guys.

If you make it too easy by offering yourself up on a silver platter, messaging a woman several times a day and making yourself over-available, you take all the fun out of dating.

You are too easy. A woman smells desperation and turns the other way, in search of a man who is confident, centred, and let’s her come at her own pace.

If you want to keep a girl’s attention, avoid over-pursuing. Ask her out around once a week at the start, and keep the texting to a minimum. Whenever possible, let her be the one to reach out to you.


2. Holding on too tight


In any relationship, your partner needs to feel free.

Not free as in, “You’re single! Do whatever you want!”

The other kind of free.

The kind that tells people they are allowed to be themselves, to explore their potential and to see what they can accomplish.

But where a lot of men mess up – and women as well – is they try to stop their partner from growing.

They see growth as meaning “she’s outgrowing me.”

They see strength to mean “she won’t need me anymore.”

And so they try to keep their woman exactly as they are.

They think that by keeping a woman close and not letting her grow, they can stop her from ever leaving the relationship.

That plan usually backfires.

Because humans don’t work like that. We need to grow in order to feel alive. And when we feel that someone is holding us back, we start to resent them.

A woman with drive and ambition is going to try new things, go after experiences, and grow her professional life.

If you try and stand in her way, 9 times out of 10 she will walk right out on you.

She is not going to be limited in her career or personal life just because some “man” is afraid that if she grows too much, she might stop needing him.

That is insecure behaviour, and it comes from thinking you don’t deserve your woman in the first place.

This goes for both men and women. It’s the cause of many break-ups and lost attraction.

Never try to hold your partner back.

Always support them and encourage their growth. Give them everything they need to fulfill their potential, and there’s a good chance they will stick around.

Try and hold a woman down, and she will fly away from you and never come back.


3. Not Having a Purpose


A man without a mission is like a boat floating unguided over the waves.

It has no idea where it’s going or how to get there.

You’re at the mercy of the waves and wherever they want to take you.

Now ask yourself this: How many women are going to want to climb into that boat with you and drift aimlessly around the ocean?

Attractive guys can usually keep a girl’s attention in the beginning. But once she finds out you have no mission in life, no goals lined up and no plan for how to get there, she’s going to start losing attraction.

Women are generally more attracted to men with a purpose; a goal in life.

Find yours.

You don’t have to become an NFL running back, or a billionaire like Elon Musk.

What you need is a mission of your own – and it can be as simple as teaching kids math or becoming the best store manager in your city.

The important thing is that you have a mission, a goal, and you work towards getting there. There are few things more attractive to a woman than a man with the drive and courage to go after what he wants.

Learn to steer your boat confidently, and your chances of keeping a good woman will increase dramatically.


There are plenty of things men do to make a woman lose interest. Avoid these three, and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.

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