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3 of 153 Freed Kirikiri Prison Inmates Had Been Standing Trial for Over 15 Years

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153 inmates of kirikiri prison have been released under an amnesty program by the Lagos State Chief Judge, Olufunmilayo Atilade as part of an exercise to decongest the prisons.
Three of the inmates who gained their freedom in the  exercisd had been standing trial for more than fifteen years.The freed 153 persons included 129 inmates of the Medium Prison and 24 inmates of the Maximum Prisons in Kirikiri.

Among the 129 inmates released from the Medium prison, 79 were said to be standing trial for capital offences and 50 were for minor offenses respectively.

While announcing the release of inmates, Justice Atilade urged the freed persons to value the privilege but not to return to the crimes or offenses that brought them in first instance.

Prisons Deputy Comptroller in charge of Kirikiri Maximum Prison, Mr. Seye Oduntan implored the Chief Justice to ensure continuation of the exercise, advising that the prisons are in dire need of more decongestions. He noted that more inmates are held back in prison who deserve freedom same way as those now freed.

Prison officials said that the Maximum Cell has capacity for 1,053 inmates but currently holds 1,235 inmates. While 772 of the inmates are said to be awaiting their trial; 83 are serving life sentence; 209 convicted and 171 are condemned prisoners.

They reported that the Medium Prison with cell for 1,700 inmates however holds 2,853 inmates at the present. 2,726 of them are awaiting trial; 128 have been convicted; 25 are lodgers While 19 are detainees and one inmate is condemned.



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