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3 Things You Have To Stop Chasing In Life

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Revanth Bellamkonda An Ingenieur, a traveler and a life-long learner share this thoughtful advice about his experience and life

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He wrote:

  1. Happiness

2. Opposite Sex

Never chase the opposite sex, especially to the one you are attracted to. Maybe you can ask them for a date or other similar things and wait for their reply for sometime. And it is advice-able to leave him/her if your patience is tested too much!

3. Success

The biggest mistake I made in my life is chasing after success! Because of me chasing after success :

  • I overworked;
  • I wasn’t focusing on the flow and the process of my work, instead I started fantasizing on how it looks like when I become successful;
  • I became defensive when my mistakes were being pinpointed;
  • I became frustrated and depressed when there was a failure;
  • I started comparing myself with others, instead of comparing myself with who I was before;
  • I halted the over-all development of my life;
  • and I felt less satisfied with my life!

So the Hindu Lord Krishna says in the Bhagawad Gita(one of the holy books for Hindus) , that is, “do your duty without expecting anything from the results”!!

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