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30 Key Steps To Keep Staying Young

Lorin Jensen a 54 year old man shared his story on Social media.According to him,people often mistaken him for someone around 40.He said people are shocked when he tell them he’s got Kids in their early 30’s .See he’s secrets belowRead Also: Sosoliso Plane Crash Survivor Kechi Okwuchi Releases Debut Album

  1. Good genetics. You can’t control this, but if you could, make sure you have parents with good genetics.
  2. Be choosy about your spouse. Find someone who loves you and you love them. Take care of them. Make sure they take care of you.
  3. Avoid divorce at all costs. It can wreck your life, your finances, and your health. Voice of experience here. I’d have no grey hair if I’d avoided this one.
  4. Don’t smoke. Cigarettes prematurely age you all over. Take care of your heart and lungs.
  5. Don’t drink alcohol. You can tell who breaks this rule when you go to your 20 year (or beyond) high school reunion. I thought a bunch of my old teachers had shown up! It was the party kids who continued drinking all the time. Even small amounts of alcohol will prematurely age you.
  6. Don’t do drugs. See step # 5.
  7. Stay away from the sun and tanning beds. Use sunscreen if you spend any significant time outdoors, or keep covered up. Protect your skin. Tanning prematurely wrinkles it and gives you skin cancer.
  8. Eat healthy. Eat whole unprocessed foods. Lots of vegetables. Lots of fruits. Good proteins like fish and eggs. Don’t eat a lot of sugary foods. Don’t fill up on greasy fried or fatty foods. Don’t load up on the red meats. You can have occasional snacks of unhealthy food, but keep it very minimal. Eat in moderation. Eat slowly so your “full” mechanism will tell you when to stop. Your digestive tract will thank you, as well as your liver, kidneys, heart, etc.
  9. Take a multi-vitamin and folic acid.
  10. Take a teaspoon of psyllium husk fiber before bed. Mix it with orange juice if you can’t stand the taste. Chug a glass of water immediately after.
  11. Moderate consistent exercise. Take a half hour a day, six days a week. Split it between cardio and moderate weight training. Find a method of exercising that you like, whether it’s hiking in the woods, or swimming in the ocean or a local public pool, or grunting at the gym. Just do it! Find something you’ll stick to.
  12. Get 7-9 hours of solid sleep every night. Go to bed at the same time every night. Try to be in bed by 11 pm. Invest in a high quality mattress and bed. Invest in Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases with 1000 thread count. Fix your bedroom to make it perfect for sleep. This may include some form of light-blocking material in the windows and sound deadening. Wash your bedding once a week. Take a warm shower before bed. Don’t eat a big meal before bed.
  13. Do something that makes you laugh three times every day (at least). Life is hilarious. Enjoy it.
  14. Feel free to be sad (briefly) every day.
  15. Pray. Talk to God. Meditate if you don’t believe if Him. Understand that there is a higher power in the universe. Discuss your worries and your blessings with that higher power everyday. It’s refreshing. It nourishes your soul.
  16. Forgive other people. Pray for them. Don’t carry grudges. They are burdens that will sap the life out of you.
  17. Be charitable with your time and your money. Help others. Don’t tell anyone else that you help others. Just let your soul feel the warmth of being a good person and truly loving your fellow earthling.
  18. Take a defensive driving course. Pretend that everyone else on the road is blind and might run into you. Get out of their way. Don’t road rage. Don’t demand “your right of way”. It’s not worth it. Don’t get emotional and use a 2-ton vehicle as a weapon.
  19. Get a yearly exam. Make sure everything is working right. You maintain your car; take your body to a mechanic. We call them “doctors”.
  20. Don’t be a jerk. Be kind to others.
  21. Love yourself. Don’t let other people walk on you. It’s okay to say, “NO” once in a while.
  22. Grow in a career you like. Take the time and get the education you need to do your dream job. That education might mean working in the field, not necessarily college. Don’t work for jerks. Like what you do, since you’ll be spending 30% of your life doing it. Don’t just quit your current job if you dislike it, but start looking around if you’re miserable. Keep your resume and job skills tuned up.
  23. Don’t get in debt. Buy what you can pay for NOW. If you can’t afford it now, you can’t afford it with interest. Live within your means.
  24. Put aside 10% of every paycheck (gross) in a savings account. Don’t touch it until you have at least 20% of a year’s wages set aside.
  25. Go on a regular vacation. Even if it means something local and just a three-day weekend. Get away and get recharged.
  26. Get a dog or cat or both. Sing to them. Love them. Hug them. They really are your best friends. They will always be there when you get home from a hard day. They are happy to be with you no matter what. You need someone like that in your life.
  27. Have a couple kids. Adopt if you can’t have kids. They’ll keep you on your toes but the best time of your life will be with them when they’re young. Their youth will remind you of your own youth and you’ll find yourself doing kid-stuff with them. It’s okay to pretend like you’re not an adult once in a while. You’ll also get to have grandchildren when you get older. They’ll visit you and make you happy and there is no downside to that.
  28. Spoil yourself occasionally. Go ahead.
  29. Get hobbies and enjoy them. Don’t neglect the rest of your life though.
  30. Don’t gossip and don’t get dragged into gossip.

If you are old and not aging like Loren don’t hesitate to share your secrets in the comment section……

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