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Watch Video Of Asian Man Fighting Black Man With Cutlass On A New York Street

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According to multiple online reports,An argument between two men on a street in New York city escalated into a violent but hilarious fight which was captured on camera.

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The fight broke out on Wednesday morning on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. It shows a man in a white shirt with a machete fighting with a black man in a red tank top carrying a trash can. A woman can also be seen in the video standing between them to end the fight but she doesn’t succeed.

The fight continues during which the machete-wielding man throws the weapon at the man with the trash can, before running to get in the car with the woman. But the black man yanks him out of the car and they continue fighting and throwing things at each other. The video ends with the man in red picking up his backpack as the other man gets back in the car.

A witness said the fight started when the man in red was crossing the street on his cellphone, and the other man became angry because he thought the pedestrian wasn’t paying attention. An argument ensued and the light-skinned man flashed a gun clip and told the man he had a gun. He then allegedly got out of his car as the other man quickly grabbed a trash can for protection.

Police have identified the machete-wielding man as 40-year-old Lewis Roman, of the Bronx. He was caught moments after he drove off and police found the gun clip in his possession.
Roman is facing charges of assault, criminal mischief, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.


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