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4 Toughest Questions Asked In Every Interview

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One way or the other we try to advance our career and get to face the HR in top recruiting firm.These questions pop up in all most all interview and you would be able to relate. Read Also: 5 Ways To Make Your Life Simple And Stay Happy

1. ‘Why should we hire you to our company?’

Though this is a question which is asked at almost every interview, yet at the same time it continues to be one of the hardest interview questions ever asked, where people just get confused about what they ought to say. In the event of being asked such a question during your interview, all that you need to say is that you think that you should be hired to the company as you believe that you are exactly the kind of person who they are on the lookout for. State categorically, that in the time to come, you will let your actions and good quality of work speak for itself and you will give your best at all times.

2. ‘Why did you leave your last job?’

When you are asked a question at your interview, more important than what you say, is the manner in which you deliver your answer. Companies are not on the look out for people who take a great deal of time to answer even the simplest of questions, yet this being stated they also do not want employees who act impulsively. So if you are asked this question at your interview, then rather than mentioning some petty reason like the pay was not good enough or the boss was authoritative, state that the job no longer excited you anymore and you are someone who always looks for adventure no matter what.

3. ‘When it comes to your style of work what is your biggest flaw?’

In addition to being extremely hard, this question is also very tricky. If and when you are asked this question, one of the worst things which you can do, is beat around the bush and not get to the point at all. Rather than trying to avoid addressing the issue at hand, what you should do is state a flaw, which will not show you in poor light. For example you can say that you are someone who is so in love with what you do, that often you lose track of how many hours you are spending at the work place and this causes you to lose out on precious time with your family. Saying something like this will silently communicate that you are a dedicated worker.

4. ‘Would you call yourself a team player or a person who works individually?’

Not many individuals are able to work successfully alone as well as in a team. So if the interviewer asks you whether you see yourself as a team player more or as a person who works individually more, then in such a case, it is advisable that you say that you are someone who works much better individually. If you say that you prefer to work individually, it means that you are someone who isn’t dependent on anyone else rather you can take decisions on your own and stand by them. However having mentioned this, state that you also have no qualms about working in a team, it’s just that you have an unconventional approach to doing things.


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