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4 Ways To Get Your Wife To Voluntarily Have Sex With You

The tips below were shared by an anonymous user on social media and are worth trying as there are exception about sex life in itRead Also: 12 Ways You Can Use In Satisfying Your Wife Sexually

She wrote:

Speaking as an older woman with 37 years of marriage and two husbands, there are usually four reasons why a wife would avoid sex with her husband.

1.)  Poor personal hygiene on the part of the man, or having to remind a man about his personal hygiene.  (This includes bathing daily, deodorant daily, brushing teeth daily, flossing teeth daily, and washing hair at least three times a week.   Most women do not like mustaches they often smell bad and feel bad) so if you have one, you should shampoo it twice daily.)  Women also like their men to dress nicely and look well-groomed, just as men appreciate women who take time to look nice.  (I assume you don’t have a weight problem.)

2.)  She is ANGRY.  Most common reasons to be angry are a man not pulling his weight in household chores (he should be spending as much time as she is on household chores, and yes, yard work does count, but if the hours on indoor chores are more, then you need to help).

Another reason she could be angry is that you might not be treating her right.  Are you putting down her opinions, or criticizing her, or insulting her?  Are you trying to “control” her?  If you are doing any of these things she is not going to want to have sex with someone who is not KIND and THOUGHTFUL and ROMANTIC.

If you have children, are you leaving her to do all the child care?  If you are not doing 50 percent she is probably angry.

3.)  Lack of intimacy in the marriage.

Are you spending 1-2 hours a day TALKING to your wife about events of the day, or any things which you are thinking about, etc?  Women are not interested in jumping into bed with a husband who doesn’t give them plenty of TALKING time DAILY.  Women don’t create intimacy by having sex.  Wives want to have sex after there is intimacy created and sustained through lots of regular TALKING.

You need to SPEND TIME with your wife (and that does NOT include TV time, although there is nothing wrong with watching shows you both enjoy together, but if your WIFE does not enjoy the show, then you can’t count that as spending time together, even if she is present in the room).

4.)  If your wife is TIRED she will most definitely NOT feel like having sex when she is tired.  If you are on different schedules (such as lark married to night owl) this can be a problem.  People like to have sex when they feel good and have some energy, and if they are tired it is MOST DEFINITELY NOT at the time you retire to bed!  If you stay up later than your wife, how about after she gets a good three or four hours of sleep, or how about early in the morning?  Heavy work schedules can contribute to this.  (Also, you could take a nap or try to accommodate the time to when your wife might feel like it if tiredness is a problem.)

I hope this helps!  Good luck.



She continued by saying:

I thought of a couple things to add since I wrote this answer a few days ago. The above suggestions all assume that your wife married you because she loved you.  If none of the above suggestions get to the root of the problem, there are a few other possibilities to consider:

1.)  Your wife doesn’t really love you and just married you either for money, position, or children, without really caring who she married.

2.)  You wife could be gay, trying to be straight.  I have heard of a few situations like this.

3.)  Your wife could have OCD, be germ-phobic, or hate the messiness of sex (if so, these concerns might worsen with age).

4.)  I have known a few women (yes, very good-looking women, too) who just do not seem to be much interested in sex.  Or, she could have just gotten bored.  Maybe you need to think of a romantic get-away vacation.

5.)  Have you considered one or two weekly date nights, where you might plan together that they end with sex?

6.)  I have heard of a few people who have highly different ideas about what is appropriate sex.  I once read a letter in a magazine from a woman who complained, “my husband would want sex every day if I let him,” and went on to say that she thought sex “should be saved for very special occasions” only, such as every few weeks or maybe even every few months!  I would say ideas like this are quite rare, however!

7.)  If none of this works, I’d say it’s time to consider a divorce.

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