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5 Early Morning Habit You Can Start Practicing(Number 3 will sturn you)

Taking care of the body and mind are great things to do in the morning. Often times life can keep you from getting around to this. It’s important to keep your mind and body healthy and sharp in order to create the life you desire.Read below this post about Bauer NutritionRead Also: Single Again???9 Things To Do While Not Dating Anyone

Miles Hanson said:

I have found that doing this first thing in the morning sets me up for a clear, focused, productive day.

Currently, my morning habits include four main categories: Mind, Body, Spirit, Creativity.


1 | Drink lemon water (Body). Since you were just sleeping, your body was detoxifying and restoring your body from the day before. Drinking water assists with expelling these toxins.

The lemon aids in detoxifying and jump-starting your digestion. I also use the lemon skin in my smoothie as it has tons of benefits and adds a nice zesty flavor that I like.

2 | Meditation (Mind, Spirit). By far the most important part of my day. When I miss my meditation, my day almost always suffers a little. Meditation is a great way to keep things in perspective, keep your life priorities straight, practice gratitude, increase happiness, calm and clear your mind, and quite literally increase your neuroplasticity and brain function.

The most common barrier for people is “I can’t meditate, my mind is too busy” (or something to that effect). You must keep in mind that this is precisely why you must meditate. Like any other powerful skill, it takes time to learn and can be frustrating as you get going. It took me a year of on and off meditating before I realized the immense power it has on so many levels.

3 | Physical Activity (Body). This typically includes either steady-state cardio or HIIT training (High-intensity interval training) along with 30-40 minutes of strength training. I will stretch during the rest periods of my strength training to increase efficiency and then roll on the foam roller for 10 minutes after my workout.

The benefits of exercise and flexibility are endless so I won’t go into them, but I highly recommend you follow Ryan Glatt with SomatIQ if you want to learn how to combine physical and cognitive training, he’s doing some amazing things for this emerging industry and practice.

4 | Writing (Creativity, Mind). I am building the habit again of writing at least one quora answer per day. This has proved very beneficial in the past as it forces me to practice and get better. It also expands my mind since I can’t write about the same things every day, I would go crazy. So I am forced to learn new things and get to know them very closely.

This is also an effective way to build up your brand, which is another reason why I do it. Why not build upon your brand while also practicing your writing, answering questions, and growing?

Some other ideas for early morning habits include:

  • Reading
  • Playing an instrument
  • Grounding yourself (outside)
  • Planning or revisiting your goals/vision/dream day (dream day is something I live by and write about often)
  • Journaling (Tim Ferriss’ 5 Minute Journal),
  • Gratitude
  • Make a focus list (no more than 5 important tasks for the day, keep them super specific and outcome-based)
  • Cold shower (if this terrifies you, start by turning it to cold for the last 30 seconds of your showers and then add time each day. You can also slowly turn it from hot to cold so your body has time to adapt, but eventually, you want to shorten that transition to shock the body, which has many benefits)
  • Solitude (silence and peace. See where your mind goes. Without distraction, your mind can take you to some pretty amazing places)
  • Come up with ideas (10 ideas per day exercise to strengthen your idea/creative muscle)
  • Wake up early
  • Affirmations
  • Visualizations
  • Self-talk
  • Breathing exercises (Wim Hof Breathing method)
  • Affection towards your significant other
  • Organize

The trick is to first find where you want to go in life and then aligning your habits to that destination. This will ground your habits with deep purpose and meaning, which will drastically increase your chances of solidifying them.

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I have personally started putting some of the points written above to test and would be sharing the difference here soon.

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